Mandatory Komodo Daemon Update Before June 24, 2022

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Mandatory Komodo Daemon Update Before June 24, 2022
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

This is a message from the Komodo Platform team regarding an upcoming mandatory update to the Komodo daemon. The Komodo development team has already activated changes to the Komodo code base. The changes are mandatory for the entire network before June 24, 2022.

Please make sure to update your Komodo daemon promptly to ensure users can continue to use wallets without service interruption.

Exchanges and service providers are advised to pause all wallet operations (deposits/withdraws) from June 23, 2022 at 12 PM UTC to June 25, 2022 at 12 PM UTC.

The Komodo daemon will activate the hard fork at KMD block height 2963330, which is expected to occur some time on June 24, 2022. Assetchains (Komodo Smart Chains) will activate the upgrade precisely at timestamp 1656077853 (Friday, June 24, 2022, at 13:37:33 UTC).

Update: We previously estimated the KMD blockchain to reach the block height 2963330 on June 24, 2022. However, due to blocks being produced slower in the last 2 weeks, the KMD blockchain is going to reach the 2963330 block height on or around June 26, 2022. If you updated your daemon, there isn't anything else for you to do other than to make sure that deposits and withdrawals are suspended until after block 2963330 of the Komodo blockchain.

0.7.2 [Longpan] Changelog

  • Fix build with new glibc 2.34 on Linux platforms.
  • Fix unoptimized depends build (bdb, boost, protobuf, zeromq).
  • Remove Verus (VRSC) legacy code: VerusHash, VerusHash 1.1, Verus POS/stake, etc. Chains which used VerusHash as the primary algorithm, like LUMBER, will be incompatible with the new version of daemon.
  • Code refactoring. Performance boost on some operations.
  • Restore exchange command line arg for exchanges. (This will disable interest/reward calculations and will set nLockTime in newly created transactions to zero).
  • Fix / refactor komodo_block_prg and komodo_block_unlocktime internals logic, get rid of VerusHash usage in it. Starting from this release all chains using -ac_timeunlockfrom, -ac_timeunlockto, -ac_timelockgte will be incompatible with the new daemon (There were no well-known public blockchains using these features). Newly created blockchains (ACs) using these parameters will work without any limitations on 0.7.2 and higher versions of software.
  • hf22 / hfnet consensus changes and fixes, related to well-known issues of long gaps between blocks, disappearing transactions from the mempool in case of big gaps between blocks, etc. These changes aimed to improve the network stability, help to get rid of such gaps and make transactions propagation more reliable and stable.
  • Minor fixes and updates.
  • Version bump

Instructions for Updating the CLI Daemon

If you have the Komodo daemon running, you can keep it running while updating if your machine has sufficient processing power. If you prefer to stop it before updating, please use

~/komodo/src/komodo-cli stop

to stop the daemon and proceed with the steps to update.

Be sure to follow each of these steps carefully. Don’t move onto the next step until the previous one is successfully completed.

Step 1

Navigate to your Komodo directory.

cd ~/komodo

Step 2

Make sure you don't have any changes made to the source and reset it. This will ensure clean source and shouldn't create issue while pulling the latest source in the next step.

git reset --hard

Step 3

Use master branch

git checkout master

Step 4

Clean the source directory.

make clean

Step 5

Update the source. (If you’ve made any changes to the source code, this step may not pull the latest source. Please make sure you used the step above to eliminate this issue.)

git pull

Step 6

Compile the latest binary.

./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)

Start your services as usual. (If you have not stopped the Komodo daemon before compiling, please stop the daemon now and start it again.)

Step 7

Verify the update.

~/komodo/src/komodo-cli getinfo

Please look for the KMDversion in the output of the above call, which should display:

"KMDversion": "0.7.2",

This verifies your Komodo wallet daemon is updated to the latest version which has the required updates.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need further assistance with this update, please contact the Komodo support team at [email protected]. Komodo team members are also available on the Komodo Discord server.

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