Komodo Is Introducing Antara, An End-to-End Smart Chain Development Framework

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo Is Introducing Antara, An End-to-End Smart Chain Development Framework
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Next Step In Building An Open & Programmable Multi-Chain Ecosystem.

On July 15, 2019, Komodo launched the Antara framework, an integral part of Komodo’s open, programmable multi-chain platform. To accompany this massive upgrade in technology, the Komodo team also launched a new website and a new visual identity.

Antara Framework For Programmable Smart Chains

In recent months, several projects have brought interest and coverage around multi-chain based blockchain architectures, further validating Komodo’s original technical vision and mission.

One prominent example is Cosmos Network, a project that jumped into the top 20 on CoinMarketCap after the mainnet went live in April 2019. Another example is Ontology, who recently announced a shift towards multi-chain design. Polkadot, although the mainnet has not been launched, is yet another reputable multi-chain project.

Komodo was the industry’s first multi-chain platform and has offered independent blockchain creation since the mainnet went live in January 2017. For more than two years, Komodo has continued to develop upon this multi-chain vision, regularly adding more customization options and innovative features from which all third-party projects can choose.

After several years of hard work and development, Komodo is preparing to launch an open, programmable multi-chain platform with the Antara framework to enable the development of open, simple, and flexible blockchain solutions.

Antara Smart Chains

Smart Chains are the first layer in the Antara framework.


Smart Chains are completely independent. That means all Smart Chains have their own consensus rules, decentralized peer to peer network, and currency. Transaction fees are always paid in your Smart Chain’s coin. There is no reliance upon the Komodo blockchain or the KMD coin in any way.


There are 18 different ways to customize a Smart Chain. You can choose your consensus rules, hashing algorithm, pre-mine supply, block time, block rewards, size and frequency of reductions in block rewards, privacy settings, and more.


Since Smart Chains are fully customizable and modular, each one can be created to perfectly fit any specific use case— blockchain gaming, fintech solutions, global remittances, supply chain management, intellectual property protection, tokenization of real-world assets, and far more.


If a single Smart Chain is not sufficient to power your application or software, you can simply launch additional Smart Chains to boost performance. Multiple Smart Chains can synchronize and function as one to increase throughput while a burn protocol holds coin supply constant.

Antara Module Library

Smart Chains are customizable and can be linked together to form blockchain clusters but those aren’t the only features that make them smart. Each Smart Chain also comes with a built-in library of powerful modules that can be activated on demand.


The Antara Module library comes built into every Smart Chain. All you need to do is activate the desired modules. Currently, options include tokenization, oracles, trustless price feeds, instant micropayments, quantum security, and much more. Additional modules are in development now.

No Gas Fees

Since Antara Modules are built into your own sovereign Smart Chain, you never need to pay gas fees. Each module requires one simple transaction fee in order to run. Transaction fees are always paid in your Smart Chain’s native coin.


Antara Modules are written in C/C++ programming languages so they are Turing complete. This means that Antara Modules can be programmed to perform any processes that other existing applications or software do, all while running natively on your Smart Chain.

Secure & Efficient

The Antara Module library is built directly into each Smart Chain’s daemon. As a result, Antara Modules are extremely secure and efficient. There is no opportunity for a sloppily-written smart contract to introduce vulnerabilities. There’s also no need to wait for processing or pay gas fees.

Antara Integration Layer

The third and final layer of the Antara framework is the integration layer. This is where blockchain-based application, games, and software can be developed.

Open API

Every Antara Module provides a series of RPC calls. In conjunction, all of the RPC calls form an open API that can be used to program applications. Applications can be written in any programming language and they always run natively on your own independent Smart Chain.

Simple Blockchain Development

With the Antara Integration Layer, there’s no need to code a custom blockchain protocol or make adjustments to the backend of the blockchain itself. Instead, you simply customize your Smart Chain, activate the modules you want, and start building the solutions your project needs.

White Label Products

Every project that builds with the Antara framework has access to a number of white label products and applications. This also saves valuable development resources and accelerates your go to market. White label solutions include a multi-coin wallet, mobile atomic swap DEX, custom block explorer, decentralized crowdfunding application, and SPV server integration.

Antara Composer

In previous years, launching a blockchain required downloading the Komodo daemon and building the chain from the command line.

Now, Komodo is excited to announce the release of the Antara Composer, a cutting-edge web application for creating customized Smart Chains.

Blockchain Made Simple

With the Antara Composer, customizing and launching a blockchain is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Blockchains are generated in less than 60 seconds once you confirm your configurations and give the final approval.

Complete Flexibility

Using the Antara Composer offers all of the customization options and modules available to Smart Chains launched from the command line. There is no tradeoff in the level of flexibility, only an enormous reduction of the barriers to adoption of blockchain technology.

Hosted on AWS

Komodo is an Advanced Technology Partner with the AWS Partner Network and the Antara Composer is hosted on AWS, making AWS cloud computing services available to create both seed nodes and mining nodes for any Smart Chain.

Bitcoin-Level Security

Komodo’s delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) can be added to any Smart Chain from AWS Marketplace. Blockchains do not come with inherent security so new networks are often vulnerable. The dPoW security mechanism eliminates this risk by providing BTC-level security.

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