Mandatory Komodo Daemon Update | v0.8.1 [Falkor]

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Mandatory Komodo Daemon Update | v0.8.1 [Falkor]

We are excited to announce the release of Komodo v0.8.1.

This version is a mandatory update, incorporating significant security enhancements, code optimizations, and various improvements.

It's imperative for anyone who runs the Komodo daemon to update to this latest version ASAP to maintain the integrity and remarkable performance of the Komodo blockchain ecosystem.

0.8.1 [Falkor] Changelog

  • Updates Rust compiler to 1.69
  • Adds notarizations-specific unit tests
  • Refactors the legacy code that is associated with PAX, KV, and ratification transactions, resulting in a slight decrease in block verification and overall synchronization time
  • Bumps libcurl to 8.4.0 (CVE-2023-38545, CVE-2023-38546 fix)
  • Fixes the value pools (sprout, sapling) calculation issue
  • Minor fixes and updates

Instructions for Updating the CLI Daemon

If you have the Komodo daemon running, you can keep it running while updating if your machine has sufficient processing power. If you prefer to stop it before updating, please use

~/komodo/src/komodo-cli stop

to stop the daemon and proceed with the steps to update.

Be sure to follow each of these steps carefully. Don’t move onto the next step until the previous one is successfully completed.

Step 1

Navigate to your Komodo directory.

cd ~/komodo

Step 2

Make sure you don't have any changes made to the source and reset it. This will ensure clean source and shouldn't create issue while pulling the latest source in the next step.

git reset --hard

Step 3

Use master branch

git checkout master

Step 4

Clean the source directory.

make clean

Step 5

Update the source. (If you’ve made any changes to the source code, this step may not pull the latest source. Please make sure you used the step above to eliminate this issue.)

git pull

Step 6

Compile the latest binary.

./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)

Start your services as usual. (If you have not stopped the Komodo daemon before compiling, please stop the daemon now and start it again.)

Step 7

Verify the update.

~/komodo/src/komodo-cli getinfo

Please look for the KMDversion in the output of the above call, which should display:

"KMDversion": "0.8.1",

This verifies your Komodo (KMD) wallet daemon is updated to the latest version which has the required updates.

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