Komodo Core Technology Upgrades

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo Core Technology Upgrades
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

The Komodo developer team is advancing Komodo Core technology and accomplishing major milestones. These are just a couple of the many noteworthy upgrades.

Recent upgrades benefit Komodo as well as any ecosystem project building on Komodo’s blockchain platform.

Automated Testnet Environment For dPoW Notarizations

Komodo Developer Decker has made a new GitHub repository for Iguana testnet. Now you can use Iguana testnet to test how Komodo’s dPoW security works in a few clicks. It only takes about five minutes to set up, and there’s no longer a need to rent 64 physical hosts or use 64 VMs.


  • One physical host with docker and set of needed daemons installed (by default repo configured to use to daemons - KMD and DECKER. It can also be configured to use any test Komodo Smart Chain.
  • Create priv/ pubkeys for notaries. You can customize the number of notaries in your testnet environment. You can select as few as 2 or as many as 64 notaries.
  • The needed files for Iguana, scripts for import keys in daemons, etc. are automated or semi-automated.

Internal Stratum Implementation For Komodo Daemon

With this upgrade, anyone with an IBM z15 and a wallet/daemon on a kitchen PC could solo-mine KMD (or any other coins running on Komodo Smart Chains) with no difficulties. A GitHub issue has been created to show how it works and provide instructions for testers. After the testing stage is complete, this update can be applied to the Komodo Daemon (komodod) master branch. The upgrade will be applied to the KomodoOcean (komodo-qt) codebase. Everyone is welcome to try out the built-in stratum pool and send your feedback via GitHub.

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