Komodo 1.5 Launches Ahead of Schedule!

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo 1.5 Launches Ahead of Schedule!
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Today, we present to you: Komodo 1.5. Based on the 2018 Marketing Timeline that we released in January, we are 5 weeks ahead of schedule in releasing this 1.5 update.

This also means that we are ahead of program in producing our complete 2.0 brand overhaul. As noted in our “KMD 2018: Roadmap to Reality” post, we were able to accelerate this release as a result of successful hiring efforts to develop our internal Marketing Team.

What was Wrong with Komodo 1.0?

In the past, our website and marketing materials presented ambiguous identity emphasis, inconsistent iconography and color usage, amorphous form, and a lack of easily understandable messaging. We also suffered from a deficit in experienced marketing professionals within our team to execute the appropriate presentation of Komodo. Because Komodo is a world leader in Decentralized Blockchain Technology, we recognized that there was room for improvement, and we immediately rose to face these challenges.

What’s New & Improved in Komodo 1.5?

Our enhanced marketing team has given our website, our brand identity, and our core messaging a full refresh, so that everyone can gain a much greater understanding of what Komodo has already done and what we seek to do for the future of all people on our planet. You can experience the updates for yourself on our all-new website here.

Amidst these exciting updates, we welcome your feedback as we continue to make improvements. If you have any thoughts, please feel free to share them with us by dropping us a comment below.

What to Expect in Coming Weeks from 1.5

  • A New and Updated Technology section
  • Dedicated BarterDEX site
  • Updated Technology Roadmap
  • Updated Marketing Roadmap
  • Team Bios

2.0 Coming Later This Year

Every individual on our global team at Komodo shares in the vision of a flourishing, decentralized world. In order to ensure this vision comes to life, we have resolved that releasing this 1.5 update is not the end of our work here. While our development team is optimizing our technology per our Tech Roadmap, our marketing team is preparing a careful and comprehensive 2.0 identity upgrade. This renovation will feature an entirely new visual identity, color palette, design language, iconography sets, and more.

Stay tuned for updates on 2.0! Under Construction Today.

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