Komodo's dICO Services Provide New Crowdfunding Options

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo's dICO Services Provide New Crowdfunding Options
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Komodo is the world's leading provider of blockchain solutions. As such, Komodo is committed to empowering developers, entrepreneurs, and enterprise leaders alike with the best crowdfunding resources possible.

What's a dICO?

A decentralized initial coin offering (dICO) is a method of crowdfunding a blockchain project via atomic swaps technology, which eliminates the need for escrow services, proxy tokens, and any other third-parties like centralized exchanges. This method of raising funds is faster, less costly, and much more secure than traditional ICO crowdfunds.

Komodo’s dICO tech grants you the freedom to launch your own independent blockchain with zero dependencies and crowdfund successfully without third-party risk. When we first announced that we were developing the dICO, our goal was simply to supply crowdsourcing entrepreneurs with an unprecedented level of flexibility and freedom over their coin offering. While fine-tuning our model, we started making improvements so that we could automate our system to support a large number of dICOs simultaneously.

As a result, we are now able to offer a complete toolkit of white-label solutions. These tools include:

  1. Your own Independent Blockchain Generator
  2. Zero-Knowledge Proof Privacy Technology
  3. Token Issuance
  4. Custom Multi-Coin Wallet
  5. Block Explorer
  6. dICO Launch Stand-Alone Application
  7. Agama Wallet Integration Capability
  8. AtomicDEX Integration Capability
  9. Mobile dApp Integration
  10. Language Agnostic APIs

Komodo's Open-Source dICO Tech

Komodo's open-source model gives all developers and entrepreneurs access to our free, decentralized blockchain toolkit to jumpstart your project of choice. Everyone with the necessary technical skillset is able to:

  • Deploy an independent blockchain
  • Take advantage of Komodo’s industry-leading security service
  • Customize your blockchain's parameters and consensus mechanism
  • Enjoy on-demand blockchain scalability and consistent performance without being burdened the activity on other blockchains
  • Launch a decentralized crowdfunding campaign without third-party risk
  • Integrate your blockchain's tokens onto Komodo's decentralized exchange
  • Generate and Interlink as many Blockchains as you need for scalability
  • Flexibility to migrate or remain within Komodo Ecosystem

Utrum’s Review of Komodo’s dICO dApp:

“Amazing! We at Utrum just created our OWN blockchain using Komodo Technology. It's a breeze and dream come true. It just took 3 simple steps to build our independent blockchain, explorer and OOT token integration into Komodo's multi wallet and decentralized exchange AtomicDEX.”

Utrum defines itself as a network that connects Crypto Investors, Novices, Developers and Crypto Analysts. With Utrum, contributors can earn rewards for their reviews, ratings, market predictions and in-depth analyses. They function via a community-based governance model where members of the Utrum community will elect their own representatives called “Trustees”.

By developing with Komodo’s blockchain toolkit, Utrum was able to launch their unique idea, begin crowdfunding without restriction, and tailor our technology to support all of their needs, so that their project could succeed.

Komodo's Certified Third-Party Solutions Integrators

If you’re ready to start building on Komodo Platform but need a little help with the process, there are two certified third-party Komodo Solutions Integrators that are eager to help you through the process.

Chainmakers and ChainZilla were both created by former and current Komodo team members, so you will receive superior technical expertise and outstanding support. Contact Chainmakers at [email protected] and ChainZilla at [email protected] to get started now.

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