First AtomicDEX Stress Test Successfully Completed

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

First AtomicDEX Stress Test Successfully Completed
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Komodo held a community stress test of AtomicDEX Beta on 31 October from 12pm to 6pm GMT.

The test provided the Komodo Development Team with an enormous amount of valuable data about potential bottlenecks in the networking layer, and will help the Komodo team perfect AtomicDEX in the upcoming months.

The main objective was to battle-test Market Maker 2, Komodo’s next-generation order-matching technology, based on Libtorrent. It is a significant upgrade from the previous solution Komodo used in 2017 and 2018.

Up to 2000 simultaneous traders tried to perform atomic swaps at the same time, while the infrastructure was scaled down to identify breaking points under high load. During the 6 hour test over 150 traders had completed an atomic swap.

The Komodo team would like to thank all participants for their commitment and support during the first AtomicDEX stress-test.

Order Matching Layer

A crucial part of building a decentralized crypto exchange is how to match buyers and sellers and broadcast orders. This layer is just as important as the atomic swap protocol itself and has to be just as decentralized. With the Libtorrent protocol, we have been able to create fully decentralized P2P order books where traders match with each other and begin an atomic swap.

The stress test focused on the order-book, order-matching, and network layer. To identify the potential breaking points (“bottlenecks”), the Komodo team ran the test with minimum underlying hardware infrastructure. The number of participants was significantly higher than we had expected, and the higher load led to far fewer successful swaps than we had anticipated. While we understand that this might have caused frustration to some of our testers, it provided the development team with the important data they were looking for. In summary, the stress test was completed as planned, and the Komodo team is now analyzing the data, which will later be used to optimize the software and refactor the peer to peer network layer of AtomicDEX mobile.

Stress Test Bounty Winners

Due to the extremely high load placed on the network, far fewer swaps went through than what the Komodo team had first anticipated. As such, we adjusted the requirements for entry into the prize pool lottery. Anyone who matched a single swap was entered into the prize pool.


1 successful swap = 1 ticket

777 KMD RC4fbcBwSm6qc27H5ociebYsP9cX68WJR9

77.7 KMD RGPTERJVzcNK2n8xrW1yYHp9p715rLWxyn

77.7 KMD REqd38S7SErsWr841AGstA4MPFYTZUJrph


77.7 KMD RV8SVxS8MVKka2A5dN1tt1txhMBiB2RBtN

77.7 KMD RQtXp3yFVXYr6uyxi8DKWpsTMcyACFm45o

77.7 KMD RDcimQZbSqmf1inQcyMJXUYo3NDG9iipX3

77.7 KMD RFwUYSeogmNXRGQ9XwvJPSmd5DE222LzXm


77.7 KMD RHWKzPkMWMkZrV3fFZ7Beq7fqDav28Q19C

77.7 KMD RMqFpwCsZuRyn65FbnRs8nMHvATer8wR6N


1 participant = 1 ticket

The prize pool was increased on the last minute as the Komodo Notary Node operator webworker01 doubled it with his donation. We decided to allocate this randomly between the participants to equally benefit the efforts of all testers.

777 KMD RXg1hjfNGvXBEWJehe29Myq9HV4skPSfAT

77.7 KMD Oszy



77.7 KMD RRMTesPhZNhn8Tmqmqw9HgcsVJHLBRE63G

77.7 KMD RAUnVuEhzH8JGYjXggzUyekbv2TQJxwsxj

77.7 KMD RTcGbXowBf2hQsUKtgxMSLFFczJSkkiuPW

77.7 KMD RMXrJ89zuupekFhc8CjEs5CpDRzr8rHfG9


77.7 KMD RKWkPvxYckrEQaoHXnEGe3WtEkLrbiGV7a

77.7 KMD RUe1ngxMwySCn4jFUrL8mKQDXa8aAkKmej

Congratulations to all the winners! We will send the prizes during the coming week. Please check your wallet balance later to confirm that you’ve received the funds.

In addition, we will send  0.777 KMD as a Halloween treat to all those who didn't win but made a minimum of one failed swap. We want to encourage everyone to continue the usage and testing of AtomicDEX with real swaps.

Next Phase In Stress Testing

Stress tests are essential to ensure that the AtomicDEX is functioning flawlessly and that no hiccups will occur down the road. The insights gained from such tests allows the Komodo team to deliver superior DEX technology and a top-notch product that can scale-up on-demand as the adoption increases. There is still a lot of work left to do, but Komodo is now one step closer to the completion of the underlying DEX technology and the full release of AtomicDEX.

Komodo will announce the next phase of stress testing as soon as the DEX is ready for a full-scale scenario, in which multiple trading pairs will be tested while automatic spam clients bloat the network. Such a test would have different objectives than the previous test. The test next will focus on the overall trading experience, as opposed to the load-test of the recent test.

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