Komodo Christmas Carol Contest Official Rules

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

Komodo Christmas Carol Contest Official Rules
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Create and sing a Christmas carol about the Komodo platform and its features to enter this contest with a chance of winning $200 in DGB!

1st Place: $200 DGB

2nd Place: $50 DGB

The panel of judges will consist of a group of leaders from both the DigiByte and Komodo communities. Judges may not enter. Judges will evaluate each carol based on criteria from four categories and reward points accordingly. The Christmas carol totaling the most points wins first place and the second place goes to the carol with the second-most points.

  • Carol must mention “Komodo” and “Christmas”
  • Minimum of 30 seconds in length
  • Entries must be sung

Judging Criteria

Voice Quality—balance, tone quality, sound projection - 10 points

Technical Competency—intonation, rhythm, diction, dynamics - 15 points

Creativity—interpretation, expression, style - 50 points

Over-All Artistic Impression - 25 points

Total - 100 points

Bonus: Mention “DigiByte” +5 points

Entries should be submitted to Cryptygirl on Telegram at t.me/Cryptygirl or by email to [email protected].

The deadline to enter is on December 27 at 10:00am EST/ 3pm UTC. Please provide your DGB receiving address at the same time you submit your entry.

The winner will be announced on Komodo’s Discord server Town Hall on Thursday, December 30 at 12pm EST/ 5pm UTC. The announcement will be redistributed across multiple platforms of DigiByte and Komodo social media.

AtomicDEX Referral Campaign

Separately, Komodo and the DigiByte community are running the AtomicDEX referral campaign until December 27, 2021 at 13:00 UTC. Visit the campaign page for more details on how you can win a share of $3,000 in crypto by joining the AtomicDEX usability testing program waitlist.

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