AtomicDEX v0.5.3 Is Live

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

AtomicDEX v0.5.3 Is Live

TL;DR: Anyone who has SmartFi (SMTF) tokens in AtomicDEX v0.5.2 or earlier releases needs to update to AtomicDEX v0.5.3. Don't purchase SMTF on AtomicDEX v0.5.2 or any earlier releases.

AtomicDEX v0.5.3 is now available on desktop!  This release updates the SmartFi (SMTF) token contract.

Users who hold old SMTF tokens in AtomicDEX v0.5.2 (or earlier releases) will need to download AtomicDEX v0.5.3. After downloading v0.5.3, there is no further action required on your part. Your old SMTF tokens will automatically be replaced with the new SMTF tokens.

Please back up your seed phrase prior to downloading AtomicDEX v0.5.3!

AtomicDEX v0.5.3 isn't available yet for mobile or tablet. We will update this blog post when v0.5.3 is published in iOS and Android app stores.

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