AtomicDEX Mobile v0.5.3 Is Live! Polygon Support Added

Komodo Team
Komodo Team

AtomicDEX Mobile v0.5.3 Is Live! Polygon Support Added
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

AtomicDEX Mobile v0.5.3 is now available on Android and iOS test programs.

AtomicDEX charges zero fees for market makers and only 0.13% for market takers, while gas fees are minuscule for trading cross-chain for the vast majority of supported blockchains.


  • Upgrade Flutter (2.8.1) — increased performance and null safety features
  • Removed some sounds during swap (silent swap)
  • Add Polygon protocol and Pegaxy protocol support
  • Show contract address of tokens
  • Added Spanish translation


  • Massive wallet management logic refactoring/optimization
  • Security settings and coins set are not unique for the wallet but global for the application
  • Better handling of errors on coins activation
  • Fix coin suspended state
  • Show send button even if there are no funds in the wallet
  • Added pubkey button for MCL
  • Many tiny interface polishments


  • Fix correct PIN input error
  • Fix app stalling on startup
  • Fix QTUM address validation (inactive-"active" coins in portfolio)
  • Fix error after opening Help and Support in Russian
  • Multiple other small bugs fixes
Polygon and PLG20 Tokens on AtomicDEX
The Polygon blockchain protocol and PLG20 tokens are now supported on AtomicDEX Mobile.

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