dPoW progress report

I added the code inside komodod to use the data that the iguana notary dapp is creating.

Currently, it isnt saving the data to HDD, so it is just to make sure that all the data processing is correct. So far, it appears to be updating properly. Not being familiar with the C++ code, I was pleasantly surprised to find a clean checkpoints test that was perfect to expand to add the dPoW checkpoint. So as the notary dapp writes the checkpoint data, komodod processes it and sets the most recent NOTARIZED_HEIGHT and HASH which the checkpoint test uses.

komodod is also detecting all the special transactions and while it isnt updating the active notary list yet, it now has all the data flowing through it.

I had allocated a full week for this part, but it seems I did most of it already. The following is the remaining todo list:

a) update list of current notaries using processed data
b) HDD storage of processed data
c) add “notarized” fields to getinfo command
d) award 5% APR for utxo older than a week when they are spent
e) round robin mining difficulty

a) and b) are all that is needed to get a full dPoW implementation live and it wont need any GUI. with c) it will provide the explorers the info needed to color code the blocks that are notarized. I dont expect these three items to take much more than a day.

Once those are done, we are left with the 5% APR and the round robin mining to achieve nearly PoS efficiencies even though zcash PoW is being used.

The last two require more C++ code changes, so progress will be slower than my C speeds, but I aim to complete it by start of next week. At that point, the komodod changes will be complete and all that would be left is to rebase to the final zcash release. The last rebase only took a few hours, so it seems we are getting close to finishing the komodod changes.

I have allocated next week to adding dPoW into assetchains, so there will be real live example of how to use dPoW from external chains, and it also solves the method of distributing REVS.

Beyond that, I need to revise iguana a bit to properly deal with the latest komodo changes and see if I can get basilisk functionality to work. That would allow all OS to be able to do at least the transparent komodo transactions. I already added a komodo pass through mode into iguana that allows commands to be sent from GUI to komodod.

So, as the ICO is in progress, the core tech is being completed. For the additional development work, of course, the ICO funding will be needed so it cant be started until after the ICO.

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