The only end-to-end blockchain development ecosystem

Komodo is an open, composable multi-chain platform. It's developer-friendly, easy to use, and it offers an end-to-end blockchain development ecosystem.

All The Development Tools You Need

Antara Composer

Create highly customized Smart Chains with just a few clicks. Deploy automatically to AWS.

Antara Modules

Meet the next generation of smart contract technology. Use the built-in modules or create your own.

Simple APIs

Develop applications with ease in any programming language using simple API calls.

White Label Products

Offer a branded wallet and blockchain explorer with your projects without any additional work.

Others call them “Revolutionary.” 
We call them “Features.”

Komodo comes with features that other projects must spend years developing. These are available to all developers building with Komodo's technology.

AtomicDEX Framework

Integrate atomic swaps into your applications with a few lines of code. Our technology supports 99%+ of all coins and tokens in existence.

dPoW Blockchain Security

Bitcoin-level security for all your Smart Chains with Komodo's Delayed Proof-of-Work mechanism. Never worry about 51% attacks again.

Limitless Scalability

Add as many additional Smart Chains as you need and link them into clusters for linear scale-out.

Trustless Decentralized Oracles

Komodo offers the most secure & reliable oracle tech by marking external data part of the consensus itself.

Join one of the most active
open-source blockchain ecosystems.

Build the future of the blockchain industry together with Komodo and a vast community of contributors. We're proud of our friendly and approachable culture, and Komodo's core developers are always available to help.
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