Community Moderator Program

Are you a person who’s passionate about Komodo & blockchain?

You may be interested in becoming a Komodo Community Moderator!
Komodo is continuously looking for new moderators who can work together to build a healthy and active community.

You might be a great fit if you if you are:

Friendly & diplomatic
Active in Komodo’s Discord community
Interested in getting more involved
As a community moderator, you would:
Guide discussion to the appropriate channels
Welcome new members to the community and help answer questions
Maintain a healthy environment for constructive discussion
Become part of the Komodo project and provide new ideas and feedback
Gain experience in managing an open source community
You will be representing the Komodo project and its community. That means you will be held to a higher standard and you must be more aware of the image you communicate to the rest of the community through your words and messages. You will be seen as a role model for the rest of the community.

You would be working with other moderators and the Komodo team to foster a better community experience for average users. You may freely make suggestions and otherwise contribute to the Komodo project. It’s also a chance for you to get more involved with an open source community and gain valuable insight in the world of blockchain.

Above all, Komodo would like to build strong relationships with enthusiastic and helpful contributors like yourself.

If all of this sounds exciting to you, please apply now to become a Komodo community moderator.

Still have questions? 

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