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Blockchain Security Service

Secure your blockchain with the power of the Bitcoin network with Komodo's delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) technology.

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Most Blockchains Are Not Secure

Blockchains do not have inherent security and most chains remain vulnerable.

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A Constant Threat

It’s simply a matter of time before a vulnerable project is attacked. If a blockchain is not secure, it becomes a target for malicious hackers.


51% Attacks in 12 Months

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Catastrophic Consequences

Stolen funds are only the beginning of the damage an attack causes. Negative media coverage and reduced faith in the project are also inevitable.

$23 M

Stolen in 51% Attacks

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A Perfect Crime

Attacks are inexpensive to execute and often extremely profitable. See just how cheaply many blockchains can be 51% attacked on


Average Cost/Hour of a 51% Attack

An Industry-Wide Security Solution

Komodo’s Blockchain Security Service provides superior security to the entire blockchain industry.

Any Blockchain Project

Blockchains outside of the Komodo ecosystem can utilize Komodo’s Security Service, too.

Any Hashing Algorithm

All UTXO-based blockchains are eligible, regardless of the consensus mechanism or hashing algorithm.

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Let Komodo Handle Your Security

So you can focus on growth.

Protection Against 51% Attacks

A 51% attack is the most commonly-used attack vector. Komodo’s Security Service provides an extra layer of security to deter potential thieves from targeting your blockchain.

Preserve Your Project’s Reputation

When a successful attack occurs, confidence in a blockchain is destroyed. Adopt Komodo’s Blockchain Security Service to preserve the integrity of your project.

Maintain Progress Made

Centralized exchanges may choose to delist insecure blockchains. Safeguard the progress you’ve made and stay listed with Komodo’s security solution.

Focus On Your Passions

Outsource security so you can concentrate on what you’re most passionate about— making your blockchain project a success.

Komodo Security Alliance

Six external third-party blockchain projects have already adopted Komodo’s Blockchain Security Service.

A Proven Security Solution

Here’s what a few of the projects using Komodo’s Blockchain Security Service have to say about it.

We’re incredibly excited about this Komodo integration, as it offers an extra layer of security that very few other POW coins currently have. Our new Komodo notarization feature greatly reduces the impact of such an attack. Komodo notaries are running GameCredits clients and monitoring the network 24/7/365.”

“The Einsteinium network experienced a real 51% attack. Komodo dPoW, that we implemented in our code recently, kicked in and protected the chain. We are very pleased that this solution worked well and that Einsteinium chain is protected from any attacks in the future.”

How Komodo's Blockchain Security Service Works

Komodo’s Blockchain Security Service is powered by the innovative delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security mechanism. Here’s how the dPoW process protects integrated blockchains with the power of the Bitcoin network. 


A block hash from every protected blockchain is saved onto the KMD chain using the OP_RETURN command, providing all previous transactions with an added layer of security.


Every ten minutes, a block hash from the KMD chain is written onto the BTC ledger, extending Bitcoin-level security to all of the transactions that occurred prior to the most recently-notarized block.


This process takes place every ten minutes, continuously protecting all integrated chains with the power of the Bitcoin network. It’s Bitcoin-level security at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Secure Your Blockchain Today

Inquire about the pricing plans from one of Komodo’s service providers.


Komodo Service Provider


Komodo Service Provider

Security For Komodo Blockchains

Protect your chain with BTC-level security. Blockchains created with Komodo’s technology receive discounted pricing. Inquire with a service provider for more information.

Security For External Blockchains

Get BTC-level security for any UTXO-based blockchain outside of the Komodo ecosystem. Inquire with a service provider for pricing and integration time estimation.

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