Atomic Swaps

Atomic swaps are trustless peer-to-peer exchanges of digital assets from one user to the other, without any middleman or intermediary. Atomic swap trading is magnitudes more secure than trading crypto on a centralized exchange, as users never need to give up control over their assets.

Digital Asset Trading Is Still Centralized

Today, trading one digital asset for another is risky, inconvenient, and costly. Here’s what the trading process looks like when using centralized exchanges:

Step 1: Purchase Coins

Purchase coins using a fiat gateway service. These services only offer a few major assets, so acquiring smaller market cap assets is difficult.

Step 2: Send To An Exchange

Send the newly-acquired assets to a centralized exchange and wait for the deposit to be confirmed. This may take several hours.

Step 3: Place An Order

Place trade orders for the desired coins or tokens. A limited variety of trading pairs or a lack of liquidity may make this difficult.

Step 4: Withdraw Funds

Withdraw the funds to a wallet that allows you to control your funds and hold your own private keys. This may also take several hours.

This process is a hassle and makes digital asset trading an overly complicated task.

Atomic Swaps fundamentally improve digital asset trading.

Atomic swaps make trading quicker, cheaper, and easier than ever before. It’s a truly fundamental shift in the way that digital assets are exchanged.
Traders never need to send funds from one address to another to swap assets. Trading occurs within the wallet.
This means traders always maintain control of their private keys, so trading is far more secure.

Atomic Swaps leverage existing technologies to ensure stability.

By leveraging proven technologies, Komodo’s atomic swap framework allows secure and reliable trades directly from one trader’s wallet to another.
Libtorrent, a specific implementation of the BitTorrent Distributed Hash Table (DHT)
Hash & time-locked payments, a feature common to more than 99% of all coins and tokens

Atomic Swaps in 7 Steps

Promoting Mass Adoption With AtomicDEX

Komodo’s AtomicDEX application allows peer-to-peer atomic swaps, making trading easier and more accessible than ever.

Non-Custodial Trading

Traders always control their private keys and their funds while making trades.

Mobile Ready

AtomicDEX is available for both Android and iOS, enabling mobile P2P swaps.

Unrestricted Trading Pairs

Direct trading pairs exist between any two assets listed on AtomicDEX.

Minimal Fees

The trader who takes an offer pays 0.13% of the trade's value. Makers pay no fees.

Instant Order Matching

When two traders agree upon a trade, the orders are matched instantaneously.

No Deposits & Withdrawals

Trading occurs within the wallet. No need to make deposits or withdrawals.

An Open, Industry-Wide Atomic Swap Framework

Komodo’s AtomicDEX framework is available to all existing blockchain projects, digital asset exchanges, wallet providers, and new blockchain startups.

Liquidity Multipliers

Liquidity providers can place several orders with the same funds, multiplying liquidity. 

Asset Agnostic

Komodo’s AtomicDEX framework supports over 99% of all coins and tokens.

Minimal Listing Fees

Any asset that supports hash and time-locked payments can be listed for a very reasonable fee.

Shared Liquidity Pool

All projects that adopt AtomicDEX share liquidity, promoting the network effect and encouraging adoption.

Open API

Any existing exchange, wallet provider, or blockchain project can integrate for free.

An Open Standards Effort

AtomicDEX is an open standards effort to promote mass adoption of blockchain technology.