Who Created the Komodo Block?

Normally bitcoin miner generates a new address for each block reward. This is good for privacy, but it makes determining if a block is generated by a notary node problematic.

I pushed a new komodo version that lets you specify a single destination address for mined blocks. it is not required to update as it is not a hardfork, but if you are running testnet, then it would be good to update.

./komodod -gen -genproclimit=6 -notary -pubkey="0286d7c2dc7b3cfc07e2ae3d3311b2be578e5d894da4a204345c713c7db7e76a20"

the pubkey is the pubkey from the iguana wallet, which can be obtained after doing a walletpassphrase login and an activehandle call. Maybe we can update the GUI to display the pubkey to make it easier.

If you dont have an iguana wallet:
curl --url "" --data "{\"agent\":\"bitcoinrpc\",\"method\":\"encryptwallet\",\"passphrase\":\"a very strong passphrase here\"}"

if you already have an iguana wallet:
curl --url "" --data "{\"agent\":\"bitcoinrpc\",\"method\":\"walletpassphrase\",\"password\":\"a very strong passphrase here\",\"timeout\":86444}"

which outputs:


“btcpubkey” field is the one to use for the -pubkey parameter

Once all the blocks mined by notary nodes are to the same address for each notary node, then it allows calculation of how much each notary node mined per month and therefore any subsidy required. More importantly, it provides a way to determine if a block was generated by a notary node

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