We May Have A Mainnet

October 28th, 2016

rebased komodod to the zcash mainnet version
rebuilding now and testing

One of the risk factors was what happens if zcash delayed their mainnet release. That is not an issue anymore as it is already on block 300. Good thing about the “slow start” with tens of thousands of CPU/GPU mining, the first 20,000 blocks could well be mined in a few days.

Another risk factor was whether komodod would be ready within 2 weeks after the end of the ICO. It appears to be almost ready now. We still need to validate 5% APR interest issuance and election ratification, but considering that there is still 3 weeks+ of ICO left, it seems that we can even get some bonus features like PAX and maybe even DEX working before the mainnet.

October 29th, 2016

assetchains testing found some strange BDB incompatibility I fixed assetchains, but not in the way you would expect

instead of battling against strange DB errors invoked by code that isnt mine, I wanted a clear path to a solution. so I decided to merge assetchains into komodod

i also made komodo-cli understand -ac_name=USD

just build komodod and you get assetchains

./komodod -ac_name=NAMEOFCHAIN

that will make a new chain with a bit more than 10 coins
-ac_supply=1000000 will issue 1 million

I am still debugging the paxdeposit -> issuing via decentralized gateway, but it appears to work well enough (I hope) for multiple nodes to sync

The other benefit is that we can now get zcash protection on fiat as each fiat is now also a zcash fork. And anybody can create a zcash fork from the command line.

November 1st, 2016

Now that the assetchains appears to be working somewhat stably, we decided to do a ratify test.

We have had a dozen new testnet nodes that want to be notaries, but until there is a ratify in the blockchain, there is no change in the official list of notaries.

./komodo-cli notaries -> prints the notaries as of any height, but they only change at multiple of 1000 boundary.

It required 14 signatures to approve the 41 candidates:

(link to the referred tx)

and after we got the required ratify done by the 14+ notaries, the above tx was created. Unfortunately due to going from 14 to 41 there wasnt enough to pay for txfee as the same fixed size utxo was used.

So I need to tweak the process to include a bigger utxo and then we will get the ratified list into the blockchain. Since as of last week, I use the data from the blockchain for the official notary list, so once it gets to the blockchain, it should automatically switch to the new list.

While I was waiting for the ratification, I also got iguana to sync the KMD chain, at least with transparent tx.

November 4th, 2016

EUR and USD are explorers for the fiat assetchains

latest komodod appears to work properly with paxdeposit, ie. you can convert KMD into fiat equivalent automatically based on the current pricefeed.

a hardfork that enables 5% APR issuing early next week is released and after several iterations the ratification process is looking much better.

The interest awards are one of the last items remaining that could require a hardfork to the KMD test chain. Assuming we can get it enabled and debugged, what is left is the reverse withdraw of the pax fiat assetchains and consensus on maximum exposure.

I will try to finish the remaining komodod changes required by mid-Nov, along with third party chain dPoW functionality so there wont be distractions when I switch to porting the native DEX to the notary nodes.

At that point, we would be ready to declare the existing KMD test chain as the mainnet and we would have 33 dPoW secured assetchains (32 fiat equivalents and REVS)

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