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Upgrade Guide: A Summary Of New Features Coming On December 15

Komodo is in a constant state of development. With a commitment to innovation and a long history of execution, Komodo is consistently recognized as one of the world’s most innovative blockchain projects.

Now, Komodo is pleased to announce that an update to the Komodo code base will be made on December 15, 2018 at 01:00 UTC. The update will activate a number of new features, including the Sapling Upgrade, new assetchain parameters, and an increase in block size for all updated chains, from 2 MB to 4 MB.

This update is mandatory so, if you haven’t already, please make the update as soon as possible in order to avoid any issues. The upgrades to the Komodo code base will be activated at approximately 01:00 UTC on December 15th so please update before that time.

This is a massive upgrade in technology for the entire Komodo ecosystem, but more on that in a moment.

Mandatory: Update Komodo Daemon Before December 15

Before we discuss the particulars of this update, please note that this update is a hard fork and is therefore a mandatory wallet update which should be completed before 01:00 UTC December 15, 2018.

If you’re an Agama user, simply download the latest version of Agama wallet and you’re all set.

If you run the Komodo daemon from the CLI, please follow these instructions to make the update before December 15.

If you use a Ledger device to store your KMD, please check this post about the Sapling upgrade for more information.

Ocean-QT wallet does not support Sapling upgrade at this time.

Several crypto exchanges have already disabled deposits and withdraws of KMD in order to make the update. Other exchanges will be doing the same soon. The update will activate on December 15, at which point exchanges will be able to resume deposits and withdraws of KMD at their earliest convenience.

As this is a massive update that includes changes to over 500 different source files, extensive testing is necessary to ensure there are no issues with the code. As a result, the update will take longer than most updates and the Komodo Dev Team is working closely with all exchanges to ensure a seamless update for all users.

Also, being such a major update means there are always unforseen communication challenges to tackle and understand this may cause inconveniences for some.  We are committed to working with exchanges and all parties to continually improve lead times and timelines.

Please remember that activation of the update is on December 15 at approximately 1:00am UTC so updates must be made prior to that time.

A Thriving Blockchain Ecosystem

Several of the new features that will be activated on December 15 were inherited from the broader ecosystem in which Komodo exists.

The first important upgrade coming to the Komodo ecosystem is the Sapling Upgrade. Sapling was first developed and activated by the development team of Zcash, one of the world’s most popular privacy coins and Verus Coin, a friendly fork of Komodo within our ecosystem, enabled this upgrade into the Verus blockchain.

Lead developer of Verus, Mike Toutonghi, recently announced as Strategic Advisor to Komodo, packaged up the hard work done on the Sapling upgrade as well as some additional parameters, and upstreamed them to Komodo in true open source fashion. In addition to this upstream, which includes 6 new assetchain parameters, Komodo is adding 4 additional new parameters for assetchains, making this a massive technology boost for the entire ecosystem.

In addition to Sapling, the new customizable assetchain parameters upstreamed and being activated in the Komodo codebase on December 15 include:

  • The VerusHash algorithm, bringing near-equality between CPUs and GPUs with the fastest CPU mining algorithm in the world
  • The VerusPoS algorithm, allowing for a 50/50 hybrid blockchain, which can be combined with either 50% VerusHash or 50% Equihash for the proof of work component.
  • Time Locking, which allows mined rewards to be timelocked for random release, within a set of parameters.
  • The “Eras” parameter (ac_eras), allowing 3 eras of different coin emission schedules to be defined which alter emission, including slow start options, and linear exponential decay at specific, predetermined block height schedules

As an ecosystem devoted to great development and innovation, we’re excited to be implementing this host of new code into the Komodo codebase and glad Verus chose our platform to build upon!

This is a perfect example of what a thriving, open-source blockchain ecosystem looks like. As long as all parties continue to develop and contribute new tech, the ecosystem will remain greater than the sum of its parts.

Thanks to Our Supportive Community!

Komodo would also like to thank all community members for your continued patience and support while we complete this major update to the Komodo code base.

If you have any questions or need help making the update, please contact the Komodo support team at or join the Komodo Discord server and get help in a real time from a member of the support team in the #support channel.

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Join us as we continue to accelerate the global adoption of blockchain technology.