Tech Tuesday Development Update - 2019 Week 15: Application Specific Blockchain

myloApril 9, 2019

This series of posts is called the Tech Tuesday Updates. Along with Komodo's Five Bullet Fridays weekly newsletter, Tech Tuesday Updates is another weekly piece of content to look forward to.

In case you’ve missed a previous edition and want to catch up, you can find all the previous Tech Tuesday updates here.

Application Specific Blockchain

Komodo enables anyone to create a blockchain. The project's stakeholders can decide for what purpose their blockchain will be used. Each blockchain has the option of easily adding delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) to receive BTC-level security. Komodo's Notary Node network does the technical work required for dPoW to function properly.

Each year, 30 of Komodo's 64 Notary Nodes are chosen at the ballot by KMD holders. The Komodo election for season 3 Notary Nodes will commence on April 14. The election is being conducted on an application specific blockchain - the VOTE2019 chain.

Holders of KMD will receive an airdrop VOTE2019 token for use only in this year’s election. There is no point holding onto it.

Komodore Games

A new gaming project has been endorsed by the community. Over the past three weeks, some long time community members have donated enough funds to bootstrap a blockchain gaming ecosystem. The #komodore channel in discord is home to Sam, the talented gamedev lead who is blazing a trail alongside jl777 to enable others to build on the shoulders of giants.

The technical and legal aspects to this project are being handled by the Chainmakers Blockchain Service Provider. Service providers assist projects that want to utilize the Blockchain Starter Kit & Blockchain Security Service.

A message from TwilightPunkster

To all @EcosystemDevelopers if you happen to be in The Netherlands on June 29th, let me know

Game Framework Consensus

The progression of game development on Komodo has followed this path. First, build sudoku into a custom consensus module that is loadable at runtime. Next, came the rogue-like blockchain game, with a blockchain called ROGUE.

These first developments were the stepping stones to the Custom Consensus Games Framework. It is a framework for games connecting to blockchain which contains abstract mechanics that were first used in ROGUE. Instead of re-inventing the wheel of games-mechanics, it is being coded in a way for game developers to tap into.

The first game being tested on the Custom Consensus games Framework is Tetris.

Custom Consensus With Loadable External Libraries

Ecosystem Developer and Notary Node Operator Emmanuel then managed to compile an entire javascript runtime engine in with komodo. Currently there are no further details to add, except that we hope to provide a lengthier update in the coming weeks.

The first example response to Emmanuel’s initial query was to include MySQL with a custom consensus module.

This response was to include the header files into customcc.cpp and compile by linking the libraries required.

#include <mysql/mysql.h>

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

-I/usr/local/include/mysql -L/usr/local/lib/mysql -lmysqlclient

Notary Node Testnet

The 2019 Notary Node Election Testnet is in a very lively state, there are currently 26 operators on the testnet. Any budding candidates are encouraged to follow the repo instructions and follow up with any queries in the discord channel #notarynode.

Thank you for the week of tech news! Good luck to all Notary Node Operators & Candidates in 2019.

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