Audo had an interview with a Spanish news website Criptonoticias. The interview was conducted in English and its transcript can be found below.

What is Komodo?

Komodo can be thought as an infrastructure coin that other blockchains and services utilize. Its biggest features are Zcash anonymity and a new delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) consensus method. Thus Komodo will use the best privacy technology (Zcash zero knowledge proofs) while enjoying Bitcoin level security.

What solution does Komodo bring to the cryptocurrencies and blockchain world?

In our bigger roadmap we needed a way to secure weak blockchains, and because of this we developed the dPoW consensus method. With the dPoW any blockchain can notarize its hashes to Komodo blockchain, which in turn notarizes its hashes to Bitcoin blockchain. It can be thought as a two-factor authentication method for blockchains or as an additional security layer.

Any blockchain platform can use Komodo for additional security, and by doing so they will also make Bitcoin more purposeful by “recycling” its hashing power. Thus Komodo will really help the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

What are you expecting to achieve with this ICO?

The dPoW implementation requires high capacity Notary Nodes, which will create group signed bitcoin transactions. Those transactions cost money, and part of the ICO funds will be used to make sure those Notary Nodes get properly funded. Eventually the system will become self sustaining, as other blockchain will pay tx fees to Komodo.

With the funding we will make sure our long term vision for crypto is achieved with a bigger team and an accelerating development.

Why people should invest in your ICO?

One of the hottest word in crypto is Zcash and its zero knowledge proofs, which allow extreme anonymity for its users. As the first Zcash fork we will give the same anonymity features to our users. Zcash didn’t offer a traditional ICO for its coin, so Komodo is the best opportunity to jump on this train.

Which are the plans of Komodo for growing in the future?

Komodo plays a key part in the other technologies our team is developing, and is guaranteed to get leverage from them. The other projects we are developing are parallel syncing multicoin wallet, decentralized exchange with atomic swaps, assets with independent blockchains, and so forth.

We will make it as easy as possible for other projects to start using dPoW in order to give additional security for them. Every chain using dPoW will create demand for KMD, and we expect the trend for individual blockchains to only increase in the future. A private blockchain will need security, and for that they will come to us.


In an another interview with Superbcrew we explained what SuperNET is, and what is our vision with Komodo Platform.



On Friday October 29th we had an interview with coininterview.com. It was our first public appearance and showed everyone that we are not as anonymous as otherwise believed. The trio from our team was:

  • Satinder Grewal (Technical Expert, GUI Dev)
  • Polycryptoblog (Administrative Assistant)
  • Audo (Community Manager)

We discussed SuperNET and why we now introduced Komodo. We also talked about Zcash, why we forked it, and its zk-SNARK parameters.

Core Radio Interview

On Saturday November 5th we joined Lootz on his radio show. From our team we had:

  • Satinder Grewal (Technical Expert, GUI Dev)
  • Audo (Community Manager)

We talked about Komodo’s dPoW and other things in an easily understandable way. It was a great interview!

The Crypto Show

Juan S Galt appeared on The Crypto Show and talked about Komodo Platform and his notary node candidacy.

Coin Interview with Juan S. Galt

Juan S Galt continued the Komodo discussion on coininterview.com. The discussion was around the topics of voting and elections.

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