Notarized Data is Written to BTC Blockchain

The following was automatically generated by a pair of test notary nodes:

KMD ht 17747 0x4553

01000000021835e9a5332e4c7e32489d187972b268f8e0b63b6fd8bba5b8664a7f7709727b07000 000484730440220217e5c849004e5e66b3bee2736d093a12f9dc9a85ddba47e47afc661cf97d652 022042f4578df9393ef94aacb03dd0efc69822aa02d9f3bb54cd95e011263af83b3201ffffffffc 5a4bab5145a1eeb52ad86ed43b1ecea0e52b80d81c15f374419a3a1b9e7a8240700000048473044 022038a057d362ac241f8ee73dddfd566eb2ccd3e9603b81e67a74013fb5532c6de8022034333c8 5d1f7f97421fdc093dcb5ca2de812585607a7699d175310924a82ef3b01ffffffff021027000000 0000002321020e46e79a2a8d12b9b5d12c7a91adb4e454edfae43c0a0cb805427d2ac7613fd9ac0 000000000000000266a248844db2fc26915fc0f988683149f9a04b71a704532e3e7aa6025ae022c 224f015345000000000000

above has:
OP_RETURN 8844db2fc26915fc0f988683149f9a04b71a704532e3e7aa6025ae022c224f0153450000

notice the OP_RETURN data has the KMD blockhash and height (byte reversed) and it is in the BTC blockchain

0100000002387a235d003629f2d85692b73b98a93f4d29c944068637e6ac4cde3375b04b7101000 00049483045022100cabfcd9227b407ffd2f7042b4fb58baa62f61dc46467d78fc670f0eee811dc b10220724f8156c6291a8d0f29aa3b9f0ecada3297e468ac3b199dc9a7ae6bb69a5df501fffffff faf441f814ba95a0f01df2fa235ea8de4be8afb4fff321ad25ba25d109b37be9b02000000484730 440220076ca32fc5445924e4f6369305310a6823d38f2aa1df26911908d206d45016ba02205b82e 57bc3ab5fde2a6e8652d6c9f6ff615a0d6f75edff0fba1e0db3b11be3fd01ffffffff0210270000 000000002321020e46e79a2a8d12b9b5d12c7a91adb4e454edfae43c0a0cb805427d2ac7613fd9a c00000000000000004a6a488844db2fc26915fc0f988683149f9a04b71a704532e3e7aa6025ae02 2c224f0153450000a3551115c39aba6e99ad402a1a937dfcd3ad93bdcdab4db73920f84b1d6803d 24b4d440000000000

OP_RETURN 8844db2fc26915fc0f988683149f9a04b71a704532e3e7aa6025ae022c224f0153450000a355111 5c39aba6e99ad402a1a937dfcd3ad93bdcdab4db73920f84b1d6803d24b4d4400

In the corresponding KMD confirmation of the BTC notarization, the OP_RETURN has the same data as the BTC tx and also has the BTC txid and name of source coin.

Both the notary transactions use inputs originating from the pubkey of the notary node and since it is a SIGHASH_ALL transaction, it means all signers have validated the data, which in this case is the OP_RETURN data.

The next step is to verify that the dPoW notary tx creation works with more than 2 notary nodes at a time. I coded it in a way that uses “numnotaries” and numnotaries/2+1 as the key thresholds. Over the weekend, the testnet notary operators have been busy getting their rigs up to speed and we have over half a dozen ready to go.

Once we can get a steady stream BTC notarized KMD blocks, then it is the home stretch to use this data to modify the consensus algorithm to avoid/prevent overwriting any block at or before the highest notarized height.

tl:dr dPoW notarized data is automatically being written to BTC blockchain can be used to track these notarized tx

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