Komodo’s dPoW & fiat redeems are working

above is the first fiat chain redeem. it was triggered by the EUR tx

which redeemed 0.10 EUR via the paxwithdraw function.

it got a bit complicated, but there is essentially a decentralized gateway (generalized MGW) to achieve the bi-directional deposit/redeem across the different blockchains.

It has a lot of similarity to sidechains, but there is no need for waiting 1 day (or 2 days?) for the transactions to confirm. For now I am not waiting for the notarizations so the testing can go faster. Once we verify it is all happy, then I will require notarizations in both directions before the funds are released.

The above EUR redeem was indeed notarized the next block:

And that was echoed in the KMD chain, which on the next notarization to BTC also notarized the EUR redeem transaction.

Basically the dPoW is working as intended, but still we need to continue to verify things.

The todo list is down to a few final items:
1. error check fiat redeem amounts
2. net balance limiter, activate dPoW for all fiats
3. verify: interest payment, ratification, reorgs

non-komodod tasks
4. REVS and non-fiat chains done
5. automate notarization fee payouts
6. automated distribution of test REVS snapshot

Now assetchains are nearing completion, it would be good if there was someone working on a GUI to manage the creation of new chains. I havent yet added all the possible variants as getting the basics working with dPoW was the priority. And nothing better to make clear what all the options that are needed than having a GUI made for it. Plz post in #komodo if you are available to work on such a GUI, it would likely end up being a page in satinder’s iguana GUI.

The main function I see in the GUI is “create chain” and it needs at a minimum a name, pubkeys of notarizers, supply. Once a chain is started, then other nodes can use the generated iguana code to connect to it or run another mining node.

under the hood, what is needed is:
./komodod -ac_name=NAME -ac_supply=1000000

the above starts the chain and other nodes would connect to it via:
./komodod -ac_name=NAME -ac_supply=1000000 -addnode=<ipaddress>

at this point there is a fully working zcash clone called NAME, it deterministically generates a genesis block, port, netmagic and sends the supply coins to the wallet of the creator. Normal transactions can be done along with protected zcash transactions and even the DEX and LP nodes can be used with the NAME coin.

I just updated it so when you spawn a new assetchain, the matched genCOIN file to add it to iguana is automatically created. it even synced the first blocks

If you are able to do GUI and some systems work (ie. automate creation of explorers) contact me. This is a paid task, just not sure how much work it will be so the first step is to get a qualified person to assess the amount of work it is

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