Komodo Testnet Launch

I started work on the komodo testnet yesterday evening.

Testnet is live.


the end of readme has the instructions to get a komodo TESTNET node running.

The coin supply is changed, and the ICO allocation is done with the first mined block. This minimizes the code changes needed to support ICO purchases stakes as they will be distributed via normal payment transactions.

Currently it just has the hooks in for dPoW, however the mining reward is set to 3 KMD per block and due to lack of nodes, the blocks take a bit longer than 1 minute, but with more nodes it should end up averaging 1 minute.

It is running in the no-notary nodes fallback, which uses the same PoW as zcash. This ensures that no matter what happens to the notary nodes, the blockchain will keep advancing. When the notary nodes are present, the blocks will be more regular and it will provided the bitcoin enhanced security.

This testnet is subject to being reset at anytime (already did that 4 times), so if you are running a node, please check here to see if a new testnet is live. Also of note is that even though it is a testnet, just use the mainnet settings for the builds. There will be a new genesis, port changes, etc. prior to the real mainnet.

Since komodo will run with a dual method for block creation, when the notary node method is ready, it will be compatible with the prior blocks that just used the PoW method. I probably will have to make some breaking hardfork changes along the way, but it is possible that soon after the official zcash is ready I can make the actual komodo chain live.

For now, I want to get the process of going from the zcash pure fork to komodo solved, so there are no surprises when the time for the real mainnet is here.

I want to make as few changes to the zcash baseline as possible and so far the changes have been just to constants, strings, “komodo” message, and an if statement calling a komodo_blockcheck just before the equihash block validator is called. Of course there will also need to be a change to the reorg consensus code to check for notarized blockhash, but with the message handler and the block check handler in a komodo.h include file, I can code in C all that logic without getting slowed down by C++.

You can already start testing the zero knowledge protected transactions by following the instructions from “Getting Testcoins” section in the middle of https://github.com/zcash/zcash/wiki/Beta-Guide

The komodo addresses use the same prefix as BTCD, so it will start with ‘R’, but the protected coins use the same prefix as the zcash so it will start with ‘tn’

If you need some test coins, just post your address here.

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