Komodo In Phase 4 Of Rebrand With Ideas By Nature

DanielNovember 11, 2018

In mid-August, Komodo announced it was teaming up with Ideas By Nature to launch a full rebrand and an overhaul of its product and business strategies.

Now, Komodo is pleased to report that much progress has been made since the initial announcement. This post will highlight all the tasks that have been completed as well as the ones that are currently in production.

Updated Messaging And An Interim Website

As previous visitors to the Komodo website can surely tell, a number of changes have been made. Please note that this is just an interim refresh to the website.

A brand-new site with a completely new navigation structure is in progress and will be released in the coming months. You can think of the current changes as a stepping stone between the old Komodo and the fully-rebranded Komodo that is soon to come.

One of the major changes you’ll notice on the interim website is updated messaging. In the past, many people — including crypto enthusiasts and people relatively familiar with blockchain technology — have found Komodo confusing.

Some people have primarily understood Komodo to be a privacy coin, while others think of Komodo as an atomic swap platform. Some may associate Komodo with decentralized ICOs. While all of these descriptions are accurate, none of them fully encompasses the breadth and depth of Komodo.

The updated messaging will help people understand the true power of Komodo’s technology. One of the most important points the new messaging seeks to emphasize is that Komodo is designed differently from and, in many ways, superior to all other blockchain platforms. No other platform has a multi-chain architecture that can provide independent blockchains to every project in its ecosystem. At its core, this is what makes Komodo unique.

Please have a look around and let the Komodo marketing team know what you think about the new messaging. In some ways, this interim site is an opportunity for the team to receive valuable feedback from the Komodo community and incorporate these suggestions into the messaging before the fully rebranded website is released.

If you have thoughts you’d like to share, please send an email to [email protected] or simply post a message in the #marketing channel on Komodo’s Discord server.

Phase 4 Of Rebrand Is In Progress

At this point, Phases 1 through 3 (as described in the original rebrand announcement) are already complete. Komodo and Ideas By Nature are currently in Phase 4 of the rebranding process.

Phase 4 is focused on brand and identity design. In particular, Komodo and Ideas By Nature are working on a new logo, new typeface, and new color palette for Komodo’s rebrand. It’s an exciting process and the Komodo team is currently providing feedback to Ideas By Nature on several initial designs.

Future Updates

In the coming months, Komodo will be releasing more updates about the rebranding process. While we can’t commit to specific dates, we can say that we are making a great deal of progress and that the new Komodo will be unveiled in due course.

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