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Komodo Platform Joins Blockchain Hack Summit

Komodo Platform is pleased to announce that we will be participating in Deco.Network’s Blockchain Hack Summit. The event will take place July 6-8. We’re excited to join the Hack Summit and look forward to meeting some talented new devs!

A Brief Intro To Komodo Platform

Komodo Platform strives to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technologies around the globe and to lead the world in blockchain integration. We’re working towards this goal by making it easier than ever before to create a native blockchain. Developers, enterprise leaders, and entrepreneurs can launch their own chain on Komodo in just minutes.

Every blockchain in the Komodo ecosystem is protected with the same level of security as the Bitcoin network. This unique security service is called delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) and it is one of Komodo’s most fundamental innovations.

The dPoW algorithm starts by taking a snapshot of Komodo Platform. Each snapshot records the amount of currency held in every address at that moment. These snapshots can thus serve as backups of the entire ecosystem.

After each backup is made, it is written into the ledger of the Bitcoin blockchain. This process is called notarization and it is the backbone of Komodo’s security mechanism. Notarizations take place roughly every ten minutes and the work is performed by Komodo’s publicly-elected notary nodes.

In addition, Komodo is the world-leader in atomic swap technology. Over 110,000 atomic swaps have been completed on Komodo’s decentralized exchange. Atomic swaps are a method of trading cryptocurrencies peer-to-peer, without the need to trust a third-party. There are no proxy tokens, escrow services, or other middlemen. This makes trading crypto less expensive and much more secure than trading on centralized exchanges.

Finally, Komodo is rated #1 in CryptoMiso’s rankings of over 670 blockchain projects for the number completed GitHub commits. Check out this video for a visual representation of all the Github commits Komodo’s core developers have completed over the last 3 years.

To learn more technical info Komodo, check out the Komodo Platform Whitepaper.

Description of Komodo’s Hack Summit Challenge

Here’s the challenge for this event: create an end-user application to automate the process of generating a blockchain on Komodo Platform. The application should be a user-friendly GUI app for desktop or mobile, and/or a centralized web application.

The app will be based on Komodo’s assetchain technology. This tech is fully functional but currently must be performed manually via a command line interface, which limits blockchain generation to developers and highly tech-savvy users.

We’d like to make our tech accessible to everyone. Your challenge is to accomplish this by building a slick new GUI app for the blockchain generation process. Our vision is that any user will be able to launch a blockchain on Komodo Platform by clicking through a series of options and adjusting the parameters as they see fit.

Here’s what our Chief Technical Officer, ca333, says he is looking for:

“The end result should be a “grandma friendly” GUI application that anyone can easily install/run. The user-interface should allow me to provide data-input for the blockchain parameters (e.g. name, supply, ac-params like reward, halfing interval, etc.) in a simple and clear way. Once all (required) parameters are filled out, I just click “Create Blockchain” (or “Create Assetchain”) and the rest happens (semi-)’automagically’.”

Prize Description

The winner of Komodo’s Automated Blockchain Generation Challenge will receive $7,000 USD worth of KMD coins. In addition, the winning developer of this challenge will receive the opportunity to work more with Komodo Platform in the future as a paid team member.

Judging Criteria

Participants are eligible to win the full prize in case of the submission of a fully functional prototype. Each submission will be evaluated with respect to the following 5 criteria:

  1. development language and paradigm
  2. functionality
  3. exception handling
  4. code style and comments
  5. quality/efficiency of code

The developer who completes the challenge and scores the highest in these 5 categories will be awarded the prize.

Terms And Conditions

Please read through Komodo’s Automated Blockchain Generation Challenge Official Terms and Conditions. By choosing to participate in the challenge, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the official terms and conditions.

If you have any questions about Komodo’s Hack Summit Challenge, please join us on Discord and ask our team members directly. Thanks for your interest and participation! Best of luck.