Komodo Ecosystem Spotlight: RedFOX Labs, A Global Blockchain Venture Builder

DanielApril 11, 2019

HO CHI MINH — Komodo is thriving with development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As more projects leverage the power of Komodo’s technology to launch their businesses, the entire ecosystem grows exponentially stronger.

The Komodo team would like to showcase some of the amazing projects springing up within the ecosystem. In this edition of the Ecosystem Spotlight series, Komodo would like to recognize RedFOX Labs, a blockchain venture builder focused on galvanizing startups in Southeast Asia.

RedFOX Labs was founded in June 2018 by Ben Fairbank, Wade Lueders, and Glen Pearce. Since then, the team has been working tirelessly to lay the foundations of RedFOX, including incorporating the project, establishing the business model, and finding several projects with which to jumpstart growth.  

Blockchain Business Development

RedFOX Labs aims to accelerate blockchain adoption through incubation and consulting services. By identifying proven high-growth business models that can benefit from blockchain technology, RedFOX is prepared to build, launch, and grow blockchain startups.

To that end, RedFOX is partnered with Kinetic Consulting Services, a global consultancy firm that lists several major multinational corporations as clients. Together, RedFOX and Kinetic Consulting Services will identity industries that can benefit from the adoption of blockchain technology and craft business models to engineer startups set for massive growth.

Strategically positioned in Vietnam, RedFOX is primarily focused on the emerging markets of Southeast Asia. The young, tech savvy, and increasingly wealthy population are driving the explosive growth of the region’s digital economy, upon which RedFOX is set to capitalize.

RedFOX Labs will work exclusively with Komodo’s technology. As Komodo continues to innovate and deliver cutting-edge technology, RedFOX will be fully prepared to integrate Komodo’s technology to build startups primed for exponential growth.

RedFOX’s Initial Projects

RedFOX is already working on projects in three major sectors: blockchain-based games, a finance and insurance aggregator, and an on-demand, one-on-one educational application that will help users learn English as a second language.

Blockchain-Based Gaming

Over the last few months, Komodo Lead Dev and RedFOX Lead Blockchain Advisor James ‘jl777’ Lee has developed several Custom Consensus modules for blockchain-based games, including ROGUE, Sudoku, and Tetris.

RedFOX, by bringing Arclegger onto the team as an adviser, is prepared to develop a variety of blockchain games. All gameplay will be saved and verified on a chain's decentralized ledger. Users will receive non-fungible tokens for their in-game characters and items, which can then be traded. It will be a seamless blockchain-based gaming experience.

English as a Second Language Educational App

Similar to the Chinese unicorn VIPKID, this on demand dApp will allow students to request one-to-one English lessons with qualified English teachers around the world.

Blockchain technology will help to protect the intellectual property of all content. Certificates and qualification documents will also be issued on the blockchain, preventing forgery and allowing third-parties to easily validate such qualifications. In this way, blockchain tech will help resolve two major issues that the ESL industry faces throughout the region.

Insurance and Finance Aggregator

The third and final project on which RedFOX Labs is focused is an aggregator, similar to the Chinese unicorn company Ping An, that will provide insurance and finance options to the burgeoning middle class structure of Vietnam. Blockchain technology will help with authentication of offered products, create a marketplace for trading these items, and provide immutable transaction records as well as data collection capabilities.

A Veteran Team of Enterprise and Blockchain Experts

One of the most important aspects of any blockchain project is the team behind it. RedFOX Labs boasts a team of experienced international business executives, expert blockchain developers, and several influential advisors.

Prior to entering the blockchain space, Ben Fairbank served as a C-suite executive for global brands such as Virgin, Ooredoo, and Grab. Mr. Fairbank is the CEO of RedFOX Labs and also served as Komodo’s General Manager from December 2017 to October 2019. He is now a Strategic Adviser to Komodo.

RedFOX Labs Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Wade Lueders has held positions as GM and C-Level executive for global brands such as Virgin and ChinaHR. Glen Pearce is a Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of RedFOX Labs. 

Kadan ‘ca333’ Stadelmann serves as the Chief Technical Officer for both Komodo and RedFOX Labs. Mr. Stadelmann has extensive experience with Komodo’s technology and will help RedFOX design optimal blockchain solutions to fit the individual needs of each project.

Rounding out the leadership team is Tim Bukher, a NYC-based attorney and the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) at RedFOX Labs. Mr. Bukher will ensure that RedFOX is compliant in a complex and ever-changing regulatory environment.

Lastly, several influential advisors are part of the RedFOX team:

  • James ‘jl777’ Lee, the Lead Dev at Komodo, is the Lead Blockchain Advisor at RedFOX.
  • Brian Cu, the Country Head of GRAB and a co-founder of both Zalora and Go-Jeck, is RedFOX’s Disruptive Startup Advisor.
  • Arclegger is a Senior Game Designer at H1Z1 (now Z1 Battle Royal) and the Blockchain Gaming Advisor at RedFOX.
  • John Backus has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector, with knowledge of almost every asset class, and serves as RedFOX’s Securities & Investment Advisor.

It’s important to note that, although several RedFOX team members are also on the Komodo team, the two entities are separate. Komodo is a tech-first project, heavily focused on the development of backend blockchain technology. RedFOX will complement the innovation driven by Komodo with business development and the application of blockchain technology to real-world businesses.

Join the RedFOX Community

The emergence of a project dedicated to building companies on the back of the Komodo technology is a huge step forward in realising the goal of blockchain mass adoption. It is testimony to the strength of Komodo that the technology is not only considered ready, but capable of achieving what is quite an ambitious undertaking— providing valuable solutions to power real-world businesses and disruptive startups.

Timing is everything, and RedFOX Labs firmly believes the project is a combination of right place, right time, and the right technology. To learn more about RedFOX, you can follow RedFOX on Twitter, check out the RedFOX website, and read the recently-published RedFOX black paper.

RedFOX Labs is holding an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the Coineal exchange. The IEO starts on April 12, 219 at 14:00 UTC. To learn more, join the RedFOX Telegram group.