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Komodo Community Moving to Discord

We Have Migrated Our Community Chat to Discord

Its official! The Komodo Platform is moving our team and community from Slack into Discord and the brand new Komodo forum. Our move, which includes the closing of Slack, will be final by July 15.

In order to join the Komodo Discord, here is the link: Read below for more details on the migration.

Official Details on our Migration

In efforts to improve community engagement, support and overall communication, Komodo will be making a few changes, including the following:

  1. Komodo Slack closes on July 15th.
  2. Discord will become the main community platform.
  3. Telegram chat is being closed and will act exclusively as an announcements channel.

The primary reason for our transition away from Slack is that our online community has grown far beyond what Slack was intended for: paid, corporate teams. Though it was useful while it lasted, the growing size of our community caused us to begin experiencing some of the downsides for bigger communities such as the lack of spam filtering, limited file sharing, incomplete message histories, missing moderation capabilities and more.

Discord was built explicitly for larger online communities such as ours and offers many more of the features necessary for us to maintain and better communications. Some of these features include support for unlimited message histories, unlimited number of users, unlimited file uploads, voice chat, and more. We are encouraging Telegram users to migrate over as well because it allows for more focused discussions given the dedicated channel possibilities.

Join Discord here:

What To Expect In Our Discord

Similar to our Slack, we have dedicated categories and channels for discussion, except they are even more focused now. Below we detail the categories, channels, and their functions:

  1. Broadcasting Category:
  • Announcement Channel – Official team announcements
  • Ecosystem Announcements Channel – Announcements for all projects in the Komodo ecosystem
  • News-Feed Channel – All news and videos that mention Komodo. Anyone is free to post to this channel if they come across something new.
  1. Community Category – Standard channels for the community to connect and engage
  2. Products Category – End-user support channel for Komodo products
  3. Technology Category – Komodo’s dedicated technology and roadmap forum
  4. Ecosystem Category – All 3rd party projects using Komodo are welcome to create their own channel and link it to their Discord here.
  5. International Category – For people to discuss Komodo in any preferred language.

That’s Not All! Introducing Komodo Forum

In addition to the Komodo Discord, we now also have our own forum for those who want to go beyond the communications of the broader community and play a more involved role for projects within the Komodo ecosystem. The benefit of having Discord in tandem with  Komodo’s Discourse Forum is that Discord excels in real-time chat and immediate replies, while Discourse is better for niche discussions and focused problem/solution. Komodo Discourse will also make it easier to search by the community than Slack was.

Within our Komodo Forum, we feature two main categories:

  1. Komodo Ecosystem category – Projects can create a thread about their project here
  2. Komodo Marketing category – help us market Komodo!

Link to join our forum:

Stay Up To Date on Komodo’s Next Steps

You heard it here first: Komodo is making some pretty big updates to better fluid communication within our community. Join our newsletter to remain up to date and learn about incoming news such as the new Komodo Bounties that are coming soon also.


Our Head of Social Media, Ben O’Hanlon, has been planning bounties that will be announced soon in Komodo Forum’s Discourse Space. Ben said, “Komodo will be opening up it’s content creation and comms through micro-bounties in our Discourse forum. Join now to make sure you don’t miss out!” For more details, on the bounty campaign, see this brief.

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