KMD Features

Komodo (KMD) is the money of the Komodo ecosystem and was bootstrapped by the leaders of the blockchain industry.

KMD Is Programmable Money Secured By Bitcoin

Komodo (KMD) is the money of the Komodo ecosystem and was bootstrapped by the leaders of the blockchain industry.


All payments are secured with the Bitcoin network’s hashrate

Low Fees

KMD transaction fees are just 0.0001 KMD per transaction

Low Inflation

Current KMD supply is 116 Million. Total KMD supply is 200 Million.

The Major KMD Use Cases

1) Gateway to Trustless Trading

KMD is one of the base coins of Komodo's atomic swap DEX protocol. Swaps that happen through KMD receive a 10% discount in trading fees. The more Smart Chains there are, the more KMD pairs there will be.

2) Easy Mobile Payments

KMD is the most trusted and most frequently used coin in the Komodo ecosystem. It is secured by Bitcoin itself and has fast transactions with low fees. KMD is accepted and adopted by every new business and project in the Komodo ecosystem.

3) Komodo Platform Services

KMD provides security, scaling, and interoperability services to the entire Smart Chain ecosystem. Projects that opt-in to these services always make payments in KMD.

Quick Facts



Consensus Mechanism

Proof of Work + dPoW

Block Time

60 Seconds

Block Reward

3.000 KMD

Total Coin Supply

200 Million KMD

Scaling Solution

Multi-Chain Syncing

Additional Security Method

Delayed Proof of Work

Fungible Multi-Chain Architecture For KMD

Komodo's technology makes it possible to develop fungible sidechains, which would allow ordinary KMD coins to unlock additional features on sidechains. This multi-chain structure gives everyone the opportunity to develop new technologies that introduce new KMD features.

Default KMD Chain With User Rewards

KMD Active User Rewards can be claimed monthly and to earn up to 5.1% annually. Rewards will cease when KMD reaches a supply of 200M coins.

Did you know...?

Komodo has one of the lowest inflation rates. Because our blockchain is protected by Bitcoin’s hashrate, we can afford to maintain low mining rewards. Most of the new supply goes to users via the Active User Rewards.

KMD-Backed Sidechains

Komodo's technology provides the means to build a feature rich KMD. Convert your coins to another form of KMD living on sidechains, unlocking additional features, like privacy.

Sidechain With Privacy Features

ZK-snarks Privacy is the leading privacy technology of the blockchain industry and is an option available with the Antara Framework. The Komodo community could deploy a privacy-focused sidechain in the future.

KMD-Backed Stablecoins

With Komodo's Antara Framework, it's possible to build a stablecoin that is backed by real KMD funds. This would provide an easy way to hedge against market volatility without going through an exchange.

An Algorithmic Stablecoin Solution

Komodo's stabelcoin solution is unique because it can be verifiably backed by real KMD assets. That means the stablecoin is trustless and decentralized, allowing users to hold a stable asset without worrying about its value.

Active User Rewards

The KMD coin offers Active User Rewards that accumulate automatically when you hold more than 10 KMD and control your own private keys. Many KMD wallets come with built-in claiming tools to simplify the process.

KMD User Rewards Calculator

Claim monthly and you will keep accumulating more coins!

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