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A Coin With Value And Use Cases

Protected with power of Bitcoin’s hash rate, KMD is the base currency of the entire Komodo ecosystem. With every new technology we build, we seek to tie its usefulness to KMD. It is already used to secure all chains on Komodo Platform and power cross-chain smart contracts.

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Collect KMD Rewards

Store your coins in Agama Wallet and move your coins once per month to earn 5% KMD active user rewards.

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Safeguard Your Privacy

KMD has built-in privacy features that give users the choice to maintain their privacy in KMD transfers, crowdfunding, and trading on Komodo’s DEX.

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Trade With Atomic Swaps

KMD coins have the most trading pairs on Komodo’s decentralized exchange, giving KMD the most liquidity.

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Instant Exchanges

Trade other cryptocurrencies for KMD instantly.

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