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What are Komodo’s plans for smart-contract technology?

What are Komodo’s plans for smart-contract technology?

Komodo’s deepest tech roots are built on the original Bitcoin protocol. This protocol included smart-contract technology at release (yr. 2009). The smart-contract features of the Bitcoin protocol are used extensively as a part of our decentralized exchange, BarterDEX.

The Bitcoin protocol’s smart-contract features are some of the most secure and battle-tested smart contracts in existence. However, they are not as user friendly as other smart-contract technologies, and they are also limited to only one programming language.

For this reason, we intend to create our own smart-contract API. This is a language-agnostic smart-contract technology, meaning that any language (JavaScript, Ruby, C#, Python, etc.) will be able to utilize smart contracts on the Komodo platform.

We intend to begin the creation of the Komodo smart-contract API later this year (2018).