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I would like to volunteer for Komodo. How can I get involved?

I would like to volunteer for Komodo. How can I get involved?

Komodo Platform has a vibrant community of supporters, for which we are very grateful. It’s safe to say Komodo would not be where it is today without the help of the KMD community.

If you’d like to help spread the word about Komodo and our open-source technology, we welcome your support and efforts. Komodo is currently running a micro-bounty program, which is updated regularly. Tasks are publicly posted for community members to complete and, in some cases, those who complete the task are rewarded with a small bounty of KMD.

Here are some other things community members can do to help support the Komodo project:

  • Post about Komodo Platform on social media sites, such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Telegram
  • Attend meetups and conferences to inform people about Komodo’s industry-leading tech
  • Translate documents from English into other languages
  • Help with testing of new technologies, such as new assetchain features or Komodo’s scaling solution

All of these tasks are extremely important and of enormous benefit to Komodo Platform. If you’re interested in helping out, join Komodo’s community on Discord and get in touch with us on the #marketing channel. The more technically-minded may also join the #developer channel to chat with Komodo’s dev team and get more detailed info about the technology.

You may also reach out directly to Ben O’Hanlon, Komodo’s Social Media Manager and Community Outreach Director, at [email protected]