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Do I need anyone’s permission to add [X] coin to BarterDEX?

Do I need anyone’s permission to add [X] coin to BarterDEX?

As the BarterDEX core engine is fully decentralized, anyone can use it to perform atomic swaps between any coins that are properly designed. Permission from any third party is not needed in these situations (not even from us!).

Some of the features that must be in the blockchain’s code for the product to work (without additional effort) include Multisig, CLTV, and OP_RETURN.

If those are in the code of the blockchain, adding it to BarterDEX is quite easy.

For coins that do not have the same security features in their core code (Ethereum and its ERC20 tokens, for example), it is up to the ingenuity of the community.

Anyone who would like to add technology with similar missing-feature situations can use their own creativity to do so. In general, changing the core code of another team’s blockchain product is not possible without forking the blockchain. However, it is possible to create intermediary technology.

Our lead developer, JL777, and Artem, a talented Solidity developer, are working together to create technology that allows ETH and ERC20 tokens to trade on BarterDEX. This additional technology acts as a bridge to the rest of the structure, and it is already working for manually created atomic swaps. No permission or changes to the core Ethereum code were necessary for this technology to function on BarterDEX.