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KMD: the Money of the Komodo Ecosystem

Why KMD? KMD has all the characteristics of sound money, plus a large and growing user base.

Easy Mobile Payments

KMD is the most trusted and most used coin of the Komodo ecosystem. It is secured by Bitcoin itself. It also has fast transaction times and low fees.

Gateway to Trustless Trading

KMD is used used as a base trading pair for Atomic Swaps, as it is our ecosystem's most liquid coin. In addition, KMD pairs get a 10% discount on trading fees.

Komodo Platform Services

KMD provides security, scalability, and interoperability services to the Smart Chain ecosystem. Projects that opt-in to these services make payments in KMD.

Komodo Platform & KMD Have Shared Features

Both the Komodo Platform and the KMD coin are designed to be sovereign, open, and composable.


The KMD coin and the Komodo Platform are both sovereign and community-based, making them free from the influence of any one person, institution, or entity. 


Anyone can buy, hold, and spend the KMD coin, just as anyone can build with Komodo's technology or make contributions to the Komodo Platform.


The Komodo Platform offers composable blockchain solutions, which add features to KMD and increase usage of the coin, while also strengthening the platform.

A Mutually Beneficial Symbiosis

The KMD currency and Komodo Platform can both exist on their own, but make a powerful team together. 

Comprised of Delayed Proof of Work security, Platform Synchronizations, Antara Modules, and other features that extend KMD functionality, the Komodo Platform benefits from the KMD coin. At the same time, anyone is free to deploy new features into KMD, thus benefiting the platform itself.

An Open Model Where Everyone Benefits

Komodo Platform

Constant Innovation

All the innovation that happens in the Komodo ecosystem advances the KMD coin. Each new Antara Module can be transformed into a new KMD feature. 

Growing Ecosystem

The bigger the Komodo ecosystem becomes, the more attractive it will be for new projects. The success of the ecosystem benefits the KMD coin.

Developer Talent

Komodo is at the bleeding edge of blockchain innovation and will continue to attract talented developers to the ecosystem. Those developers will add more value and features to the ecosystem.

KMD Coin


KMD provides various services for the Smart Chains within the Komodo ecosystem, such as security, scaling, and interoperability, that are paid in KMD. 

Trusted Money

KMD is the most commonly used medium of exchange and payment option within the Komodo ecosystem. A big ecosystem means a strong coin.

Base Trading Pairs

KMD is one of the base currencies of the AtomicDEX. Most trading will happen through KMD, as it is fast, secure, and liquid. In addition, traders receive a 10 % discount on trading fees when swapping with KMD.

KMD-Backed Sidechains

The platform is composed of an ever-increasing number of Antara Modules that extend the platform's functionality. Each new module can also be applied to the KMD currency as a KMD-backed sidechain or stablecoin. Anyone is free to deploy these features with Komodo's technology. It is truly open source.
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Komodo’s success relies on its community, not corporate executives.
Komodo's collective vision is to build an enormous ecosystem, where a majority of the growth will be driven by independent actors rather than by the core team.

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