Enterprise blockchain adoption 
was difficult. Until now.

The market for blockchain products and services is anticipated to reach $60.7 billion in 2024. 74% of businesses are convinced that the adoption of blockchain presents a solid business case. Yet, only 34% started a blockchain project.

The most commonly-mentioned roadblocks are issues with replacing legacy systems with or adapting them to blockchain, as well as security concerns.

Shape your blockchain to your business, not the other way around.

Komodo offers a fully customizable & composable blockchain solutions.

Antara Composer

Create highly customized Smart Chains with just a few clicks. Deploy automatically to AWS.

Antara Modules

Meet the next generation of smart contract technology. Use the built-in modules or create your own.

Simple APIs

Develop applications with ease in any programming language using simple API calls.

White Label Tools

Offer a branded wallet and blockchain explorer with your projects without any additional work.

Antara Smart Chains are the optimal way to adopt blockchain technology.

Antara Smart Chains are customizable, autonomous, purpose-built blockchains. They’re Turing complete and fully programmable, so they can natively support any game, app, or software.
Choose settings for 18 different parameters to fully customize your Smart Chain
Your Smart Chain has its own decentralized network, consensus rules, and currency.
Use plug-and-play Antara Modules and an open API to build any blockchain solutions you need.
Don’t change your business to fit a specific blockchain. Craft a specific blockchain to fit your business.

Komodo is the world's 
most advanced multi-chain platform

After years of innovation and development, Komodo has built a multi-chain architecture that overcomes all of the challenges facing other blockchain platforms.
Secure your project with the power of the Bitcoin network via Komodo’s delayed proof of work security mechanism. Don’t waste time worrying about attackers.
If your project grows beyond the capacity of a single chain, simply add more. Komodo’s Multi-Chain Syncing feature allows you to scale out linearly on demand.
Your project is interoperable with all others in the Komodo ecosystem, plus connected with over 99% of coins and tokens through Komodo’s industry-leading atomic swap technology.
Adapt your blockchain to create a purpose-built solution that fits your individual needs. Receive all new features developed by Komodo to ensure that your project is future-proofed.

Antara Modules are plugins that offer your Smart Chain endless possibilities.

The Antara framework supports C/C++, meaning that it allows for Turing-complete code. With Antara, any program or software can be coded to run on your Smart Chain.
No Gas Fees
There are no gas fees with Antara. Regardless of how many processes a Antara Module requires, it will only need a single transaction fee, paid in your Smart Chain's coin, to run.
Antara Module Library
The Antara Framework already hosts a library of built-in modules. Each module can add special conditions that must be met in order for your Smart Chain’s network to reach consensus.
Create Your Own Modules
Experienced developers can write custom modules, creating the building blocks and remote procedure calls (RPC) they need to build more advanced blockchain-based games, dApps, and software.

Komodo lowers the barrier to blockchain with an application layer.

Open API
Apps connect to your Smart Chain through Antara's open API.
Easy To Develop
Ordinary developers can now utilize blockchain technology.
White Label Products

Go-To-Market faster with Komodo’s white label applications

  • Multi-Asset Wallet For Desktop & Mobile
  • Atomic Swap Decentralized Exchange
  • Decentralized Crowdfunding App
  • Custom Block Explorers
  • SPV Electrum Server Integration
  • Core Antara Modules

Komodo is built on the principles of open-source technologies, aimed at creating a collaborative and innovative ecosystem.

Blockchain Sovereignty

Antara Smart Chains are completely autonomous. You never have to share resources with other projects, and you always manage your own infrastructure.

No Vendor Lock-In

Whereas some platforms have a rent-based model, which forces projects to buy and hold tokens to use a chain, Antara Smart Chains are independent of Komodo and there's no vendor lock-in.

Low Cost of Ownership

Komodo is free and open source software. There are no licensing fees or hidden costs to use the platform. Komodo is resource-efficient and works with existing cloud solutions.

Komodo Solution Providers