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Agama changelog


  • settings app info daemon ports list
  • native wallet info network data
  • add coin modal spv mode description
  • add coin modal new coins dropdown with icons
  • close modals on esc or overlay click
  • spv uncompressed wif key support


Installers are removed due to severe bug in interest claim UI functionality. Please await for a new stable release. We're sorry for inconvenience.

NOTE: This is still an experimental piece of software. 32 bit systems are not supported!

New features & bug fixes

  • fixed activating best chain progress update
  • prevent running two agama instances
  • cli passphru fix
  • fixed logout bug
  • minor placeholders fixes
  • hide address dropdown if wallet has only one address
  • komodod crash report modal
  • values clipping
  • add coin multi ui reflow fix
  • reset app setting to default
  • manual balance / transactions list refresh
  • quick access dropdown on login to open settings / about / sync only modals
  • qr code generator / scan
  • invoice generator
  • basilisk send form reset fix
  • added native wallet info button
  • added coqui assetchain
  • jumblr section (kmd main only)
  • zcashparams folder check
  • claim interest modal
  • claim interest button on dashboard
  • renewed transactions history look
  • prevent app from closing while komodod is still loading/processing data
  • send form validation
  • coin daemon port check on addcoin
  • updated application settings
  • komodo datadir
  • windows bins path fix
  • slow windows sync workaround
  • transactions details sorting fix
  • configurable komodod graceful quit timeout param
  • zcash params fetch modal
  • mnz asset chain
  • deprecated full and basilisk modes
  • updated transaction details modal
  • new spv mode
  • mainstream add coin shortcuts dropdown
  • import seed / wif key modal
  • reduced resource consumption
  • spv wif login

Important note about Basilisk

Both Full node and Basilisk modes are deprecated as of this version. Basilisk is replaced by new SPV mode.

How to activate SPV mode

  • Open the app.
  • Go to Settings section and toggle "Enable experimental features" option.
  • Restart the app.

SPV mode requires a seed / passphrase to work. You can use the same seed as you used in Basilisk. Both modes share inter-compatible seed types.

The following coins are supported in SPV mode:

  • KMD
  • MNZ
  • REVS

Note: spv mode currently doesn't support z-addresses which means it won't able to display or sign transactions that are from / to z-address.

Default ports

In order for Agama to function properly keep the following ports open:

  • 7771 (kmd native mode)