AtomicDEX Feature Review: A Look Behind the Curtain at the Atomic Swap Process.

Delton Rhodes
Delton Rhodes
AtomicDEX Feature Review: A Look Behind the Curtain at the Atomic Swap Process.

What Is An Atomic Swap?

An atomic swap is a secure and trustless peer-to-peer trade of two digital assets from separate blockchain networks. Swaps are called "atomic" because either the trade is successfully completed and each trader receives the other’s funds, or nothing happens and both traders simply keep the funds they started with. Each swap is completed without the need of a third party or centralized intermediary, meaning users always control their keys and full control and own their coins throughout the whole process.  Read More:

A full readout of details is available for you to view each step of the atomic swap in-real time.

Run into issues with your trade? When something goes amiss or a trade doesn’t complete, AtomicDEX automatically informs you that there are recoverable funds waiting to be claimed as soon as the chain syncs. Just pick up your funds and get back to trading.

Here’s just one example of the nearly 135,000 successful atomic swaps that have been completed on AtomicDEX! Trade between blockchains protocols, including both UTXO and account-based networks, seamlessly with no proxy token required.

Download AtomicDEX

Download the industry’s leading cross-chain DeFi engine and non-custodial wallet solution. The latest release of AtomicDEX (v0.3 initial beta) goes live on October 29!

No depositing to smart contracts, no trading on an Automated Market Maker (AMM) or bonding curve. You’ll never worry about rugpulls again.

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