dPoW Notary Node Debugging

I got half the iguana dPoW notary code debugged. It is already coded to monitor the KMD chain and BTC chain and make the appropriate transactions to both chains.

For all running a testnet notary node, the following are prep instructions to get ready for activating dPoW notarized transactions, which I expect to be enabled next week.

testnet is chugging along fine, though i guess according to the former poster, none of this is anything special.

testnet stats:
“blocks” : 14770,
“timeoffset” : -53,
“connections” : 40,
“proxy” : “”,
“difficulty” : 2.12729565,

dPoW notary config:
0. Install and start ../agents/iguana add any coin via coins/genbtcd or coins/basilisk

1. Create an iguana wallet with encryptwallet if you dont already have one:

curl --url "" --data "{\"agent\":\"bitcoinrpc\",\"method\":\"encryptwallet\",\"passphrase\":\"use high entropy passphrase that generates the pubkey\"}"

2. Create an executable (chmod +x) file “SuperNET/iguana/wp” with the following in it:

curl --url "" --data "{\"method\":\"walletpassphrase\",\"params\":[\"same passphrase as above\", 9999999]}"

Now from SuperNET/iguana if you run ./wp it will show the various addresses including “btcpubkey” which is your notary pubkey. Post this in #notarynode if you havent already.

3. create a text file SuperNET/iguana/myip.txt with just your ip address in it:

The ipaddress is only used for registering notary node and not directly correlated with your pubkey.

4. copy SuperNET/iguana/coins/btc btc_7776 kmd and kmd_7776 up one directory to SuperNET/iguana and edit “path” to match your home directory. if your home directory is /home/username then \”path\”:\”home/username\”

5. make a copy of SuperNET/iguana/wp -> SuperNET/iguana/wp_7776 and change port 7778 to port 7776

6. make a copy of SuperNET/iguana/tests/dpow_7776 to SuperNET/iguana/dpow_7776 and edit the pubkey to match your btcpubkey from above

The assetchains I released yesterday will be upgraded to plug into the dPoW

The DEX I released last week will then be able to atomically swap across the different chains directly, without any third currency involved.

After the iguana dPoW tx generation is completed, what is left to do is:
a) updating latest notarized height based on the notarized tx data
b) prevent overwriting blocks below notarized height
c) detection of special transactions to update list of current notaries
d) award 5% APR for utxo older than a week when they are spent
e) round robin mining difficulty

Those are the only required komodo side changes that I have identified so far. I work steadily to achieve completion and will continue to post the details.

All of this is already open source and available in my various repos:
http://github.com/jl777/komodo – fork of zcash + dPoW host
http://github.com/jl777/iguana – C codebase from scratch, include bitcoin protocol, DEX, etc.
http://github.com/jl777/assetchains – fork of BitcoinUnlimited + dPoW client + spawn new coin from commandline

Whether any of this is anything special, I leave that for the reader to decide. It is unarguable that it is being completed and delivered.

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