Decentralized Broadcasting Service Powered By Notary Nodes

I coded up a low level broadcast service utilizing the notary nodes. Still need to debug it, but it shouldn’t take too long. DEX will use this to propagate order-books.

It uses a combination of scaling protocols to create a generalized broadcast, where from any node you can submit a packet and all the other nodes get a copy of it. It is load balanced so as not to overload any single point and with all the notary nodes having decent hardware and bandwidth, the max capacity would be limited only by available bandwidth.

This is pretty cool, but creates a problem because it is so easy to invoke. Namely spam, which must be prevented.

I am planning to use one of the assetchain coins as the currency needed to pay for such broadcasting. Since most all of the SuperNET services will be using this, I think it makes sense to denominate the broadcast fees in SuperNET assetchain coins. With a cost of 0.0001 coins, the cost is minimal, but still enough to prevent spam.

The way things are structured, the payments of the SuperNET assetchain coin would go to the crypto777 account so it is automatically marked as a special tx and the current codebase can add support for this with minimal extra work.

I am still open to feedback on this as I haven’t coded it yet. The downside is that we will probably need some sort of SuperNET faucet to onboard new users, but all the micropayments will be fully automated like I did with the notary nodes. That codebase can be reused for the micropayments.

I had a bit of spare time, I created 10 more assetchains:
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=SUPERNET -ac_supply=816061
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=DEX -ac_supply=1000000
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=PANGEA -ac_supply=1000000
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=JUMBLR -ac_supply=1000000
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=BET -ac_supply=1000000
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=CRYPTO -ac_supply=1000000
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=HODL -ac_supply=10000000
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=SHARK -ac_supply=1400
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=BOTS -ac_supply=10000000
./komodod -pubkey=$pubkey -ac_name=MGW -ac_supply=10000000

These are 1:1 issued to match the corresponding NXT Assets:

SuperNET, InstantDEX, Pangea, NXTprivacy, Privatebet, crypto777, jl777hodl, sharkfund0, NXTcoinsco and MGW

These are all zcash forks with on-demand block generation and dPoW enabled. When we get the MGW setup to use assetchain coins, there will be an automated process to convert between the assetchain coins and the NXT assets using MGW

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