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China’s Blockchain Rankings Puts Komodo in the Top 5 Blockchain Platforms

On Friday, the Chinese government published their first set of cryptocurrency ratings. Despite having banned ICOs and crypto trading in September, China’s Ministry of Industry & Information Technology has launched a rating index.

At present, 28 cryptocurrencies are ranked on three criteria: technology, application and innovation. China’s Ministry ranked Komodo in the top 5 projects, alongside Etherum, Steem, Lisk and Neo.

A special note should be made of the Ministry ranking Komodo as the second most innovative project after Bitcoin. This is a testament to the amount of working technology in place… we don’t have any details about how the rankings are calculated, but we’re in agreement with the CCID that Komodo is a leader in innovation!

  • DEX – BarterDEX is our decentralized crypto exchange that supports over 95% of all coins and tokens in existence and allows you to trade wallet to wallet, peer to peer, without giving up ownership of your crypto.
  • Multi-coin wallet with rewards – Agama is our multi-coin crypto wallet that allows you to earn 5.1% rewards per year on your $KMD balance if you’re active and claim it regularly.A coin with privacy features when using the native mode of the Agama wallet

What this means is that Komodo is a launchpad for blockchain businesses – build on the Komodo Platform and you face fewer obstacles because you will be able to trade your tokens without cost-prohibitive listing fees through BarterDEX. You have a secure place for your tokens to be held through the Agama Wallet. Your chain (built on the Komodo platform) is also protected from attacks by Bitcoin’s hashrate because  of our unique technology, ‘delayed proof of work’ (dPOW) which notarises on bitcoin’s chain.

“It’s refreshing to see working tech and apps being recognized in a world of hype. Komodo’s tech has long been world-class: first atomic swaps between ERC20 tokens and BTC coins and first to pass 100K atomic swaps. More recently, Komodo has powered the world’s first decentralized ICOs (Blocnation and Utrum). Our decentralized exchange, BarterDEX, was first to support over 95% of all coins and tokens in existence. We’re about to soft launch its user-friendly interface on May 21st (HyperDEX) which means YOU will be able to trade tokens peer to peer, wallet to wallet, without giving up control of your private keys. It also means a blockchain business that launches on the Komodo platform will be able to trade without cost-prohibitive listing fees.” – Our CTO, Kadan Stadelmann (CA333)”

Komodo recently achieved the World Record for payments per second (18K – 20K).

Following the release of China’s blockchain rankings, there was a good deal of discussion about the news.