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The Komodo

Blockchain Starter Kit

Deploy. Integrate. Grow.

Blockchain Technology Made Simple

  • Custom, Independent Blockchains
  • A Variety Of Modular Add-Ons
  • White-Label Products & dApps
  • Scale Out On-Demand
  • Receive Updates To Protect Your Investment
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Step 1: Customize Your Chain

Choose from among thousands of possible configurations to launch your very own blockchain.

consensus Created with Sketch.


  • Proof of Work or Proof of Stake
  • Proof of Work + Proof of Stake
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Coin/Token Parameters

  • Supply up to 10 billion confirmed 
  • Optional premine of any percentage of supply 
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Block Time

  • 1 minute
  • On Demand
privacy Created with Sketch.


  •  Exclusively zero-knowledge trades
  •  Transparent chain with optional privacy
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Mining Rewards

  • Reward amount: the size of the block reward
  • Reward structure: decay and end block height 
governance Created with Sketch.


  • Tax from transaction fees
  • Tax from mining rewards

Step 2: Add Your Modules

Pick and choose the features that meet your project’s needs.

security-service Created with Sketch.

Security Service

Komodo’s Blockchain Security Service protects your chain with the power of the BTC network.

atomic-swaps Created with Sketch.

Atomic Swaps

Integrate your new coin into Komodo’s atomic-swap-powered DEX.

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Smart Contracts

Komodo’s UTXO-based Smart Contracts offer Turing-complete and language-agnostic dApp support.

colored-coins Created with Sketch.

Colored Coins

Create digital assets at a rate of 1 native coin to as many as 100 Million tokens.

custom-framework Created with Sketch.

Custom Consensus Framework

Customize your chain’s consensus mechanism on a case-by-case basis with Komodo’s Custom Consensus Framework.

kv-storage Created with Sketch.


Add key-value storage functionality to your blockchain to save additional meaningful data.

Step 3: Integrate Your Coins

Accelerate time to market with white-label dApps.

multi-coin Created with Sketch.

Multi-Coin Wallet

Release a branded multi-coin wallet that holds your new coin as well as dozens of others.

crowdfund-dapp Created with Sketch.

Crowdfunding dApp

Raise funds with a custom,  white-label, fully-decentralized crowdfunding application.

decrentralized Created with Sketch.

Decentralized Exchange

Leverage Komodo’s world-leading atomic swap technology to release your own DEX.

Step 4: Continue To Develop And Grow

Going to market is just the beginning. Keep growing with Komodo.

Host A Decentralized Crowdfund

  • Raise funds with Komodo’s white-label crowdfund dApp so you can keep making progress.
  • Powered by atomic swap technology, Komodo’s crowdfunding dApp is far safer and more secure than traditional ICOs.

Expand With Autonomy

  • All of Komodo’s tech updates are pushed to the ecosystem so you get the investment protection you need to build with peace of mind.
  • There’s never any vendor lock-in on Komodo so you can migrate to a different platform at any point in time.

Scale On-Demand

  • With Komodo’s interoperability tech, multiple blockchains can be tied together to function as one logical chain.
  • Scale out whenever you need to increase performance by adding additional blockchains to your project.

Get Started With Komodo's Blockchain Starter Kit

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