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Blockfolio adds BarterDEX to its list of exchanges in the app!

BarterDEX, Komodo’s decentralized exchange, has recently been added to Blockfolio! BarterDEX is the world’s most advanced decentralized exchange and is fully powered by Komodo’s atomic swap technology. Atomic swaps are peer-to-peer crypto trades, directly from one blockchain to another, so they’re much cheaper and more secure than traditional trades. Over 108,000 atomic swaps have been performed. BarterDEX supports trading for over 95% of coins and tokens in existence, including direct trading between BTC-based coins and ERC-20 tokens.

In order to see the exchange the user must update the app, Sync, then make sure they are looking at a pair trading on that exchange as the app mirrors order books exactly.

On top of all that, a private release of HyperDEX, our new, user-friendly GUI, is currently available. BarterDEX is the engine under the hood that powers HyperDEX, the shiny new exterior for the DEX. Download HyperDEX now and start making atomic swaps!