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April, Friday the 13th Announcement: Important Update

Priority Level: Urgent

Pertaining to:

  • Nodes (Komodo Daemon)
  • Exchanges (Komodo Daemon)
  • Wallet Users (Agama)

What to Do: Update to Latest Version Immediately (See Instructions Below)

At Komodo, it is our priority to maintain high standards of quality, security, compatibility, and performance for our nodes running the network. As such, we are continually performing audits and working together with our community to address any issues or areas of interest in this regard.

Through our ongoing self-audit efforts, our development team discovered a scenario in which a mining pool began to mine on a forked blockchain on April, Friday the 13th.  Although the mainchain did its job and overtook the activity, we took additional measures to address this potential scenario from occurring in the future.

Our team has released an important update to the Komodo Daemon and the Agama wallet, which addresses this scenario and should be applied immediately to all Nodes, Exchanges, and Wallets.

We also took this opportunity to update the notary node public keys as well, which means the new notarization cycle begins on block 814,000.  

Because we expect all nodes on the Komodo network to operate at optimal levels and due to the priority of this update we consider it a mandatory update which should be performed immediately.

While most of the nodes have already applied the update, all updates should be completed no later than May 1, 2018. SPV wallets are online, but we still recommend updating your wallet if you are using “Lite” mode.

This update will ensure seamless implementation of all new nodes while supporting the existing nodes. As such, the update provides the Komodo network with the highest level of security possible.

Instructions For Exchanges & Nodes

Please carefully follow the instructions at the following link:

Instructions For Wallet Users (Agama)

Please carefully follow the instructions at the following link:

For Ledger Users (Hardware wallet)

Our team is reaching out to the folks at Ledger to ensure a firmware update is provided to all users within a timely fashion.