A Working API Call for Notary TX Creation

I was able to repurpose the notary tx creation almost entirely and now we have a dpow ratified API call!

curl --url "" --data "{\"agent\":\"dpow\",\"method\":\"ratify\",\"minsigs\":2,\"timestamp\":1476711523,\"ratified\":[{\"handle\":\"testA\",\"pubkey\":\"03b7621b44118017a16043f19b30cc8a4cfe068ac4e42417bae16ba460c80f3828\"}, {\"handle\":\"testB\",\"pubkey\":\"02ebfc784a4ba768aad88d44d1045d240d47b26e248cafaf1c5169a42d7a61d344\"}]}"

With the above curl issued on two nodes, it automatically generated the following pair of transactions:


The convention is that the crypto777 address is the initial address and each ratified pubkey gets an output. This way, only the crypto777 address needs to be monitored to update the state for active notaries and notarized height.

Now the iguana notary dapp has been enhanced to be able to issue election ratification tx, I think it pretty much goes into maintenance mode. Next up are the half dozen komodod items

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