A Testnet Notary Node Development Report

“blocks” : 23581,
“connections” : 35,
“difficulty” : 2.23659430,

KMD testnet keeps chugging along and we now have almost a dozen active testnet notary nodes. We are doing daily deployments.

Today, we got 3 and 4 node group tx to work:

and latest version is testing a 5 way notarized transaction. We wont have to increment it one at a time to 33, soon I should be able to just set it to N/2 + 1. There have been many bugs I fixed over the last days and now it appears to be working fairly smoothly.

I added notary packet versioning so non-updated notaries dont mess up the protocol. Dramatically reduced redundant packet transmissions and the notary network is pubkey based, so there is a layer privacy as far as the IP address goes.

However it is not anything that can be relied on as it is at the mixin level, but it is better than nothing. Along the way, the notary tx to KMD chain seems to have stopped being consistent, so I need to fix that next.

So steady progress. Not quite stable enough, but considering it just came online in its initial form a few days ago, things are coming together timely. I will now split time between improving the notarization process and the remaining loose ends.

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