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3 Things Komodo Platform Team Members Will NEVER Ask You To Do


It’s not a secret that the Internet is full of scammers. This is particularly true in the cryptocurrency world. It has recently come to our attention that a few scammers have claimed to be a part of the Komodo Platform team.

In response, we would like to remind everyone of 3 things that Komodo Platform team members will never, ever, not in a million years, ask you to do:

  1. We will never ask you to send coins or tokens to anyone.
  2. We will never ask for your login information, passwords, or passphrases.
  3. We will never ask you to share your private keys or wallet seed.

If anyone is asking you to do one (or more) of the things on this list, they are definitely scammers. They are not affiliated with the Komodo team in any way and you should ignore them. If you wish, you can let us know about the scam and we’ll do our best to let the community know to avoid it.

Please continue to be vigilant in protecting yourself online. Never send coins to unknown addresses, always use strong passwords and 2FA, and never, under any circumstances, should you share your private keys with anyone.

It’s also important to remember that we will never post official messages anywhere other than our official website and our official social media accounts. If you see information on other pages and you’re not sure whether or not it’s coming from the Komodo team, it’s best just to ask us.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to Komodo Platform core members on our Slack channel. We’re always here to help!